Monome Switch: anyone still using it?

Hey all,

I’m really excited to have gotten a monome switch finally … using it to flip between teletype/ansible/norns. I also have an endorphin shuttle control, which makes me think of what’s possible here. Norns can send usb midi to the shuttle control for 8 channels of midi (or anything else I suppose, SC is highly configurable, 16 outs with many many options).

I’m writing to ask, how many of you guys are using the switch still? I was using a usb splitter before, with the ground cable cut for teletype use. I’m not super good at scripting. Been mostly using just type.

So I’m looking for some ideas on what you guys think would be the best ideas for these new switchable options (teletype scripts/ansible/norns). I just feel like I have this crazy awesome options now (esp considering the i2c options!)

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paging @kin.sventa as they bought my old switch to go with their norns.


Haha we talk all the time I should’ve asked him. Didn’t know u were rockin one @kin.sventa!!!

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I also see that @saintcloud and @facetimecontinuum are using this same setup… what are you guys doing with it?

yeah i’ve had one for a bit. i got it specifically to switch between norns and earthsea. unfortunately, there was a bug where earthsea would launch or stop running a sequence whenever i would switch. they posted about the issue on github. not sure if this issue is was because i have an older grayscale 128 grid or if it was specific to swithing between earthsea / norns etc.

ive since figured out a live setup that avoids switching. i just use mlr for live sampling audulus / sampr from my ipad ( instead of earthsea ) and my octatrack for everything else.

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