Monome Switch - out of production?

Has Monome ended production of their Switch power module? It’s no longer listed in their store, even as “out of stock.” And I’m only seeing it as “out of stock” on retailer sites.

Just wondering if this module has been terminated or replaced by a different power solution I wasn’t aware of.

i think switch is discontinued. ansible has an integrated 12v -> 5v converter so you can power your grid/arc from the 12v bus. if you don’t want to load your 12v rail with a grid (up to 200ma), or are noticing a high pitched buzz when many leds are lit, i’d check out this diy solution:

it will divert grid/arc power draw to an external usb power supply.


Thanks for the input. As a Tiptop Happy Ending Kit user, I am assuming I would face some power or noise issues when using Ansible and Grid. Haven’t yet purchased or tested but that’s why I was going to get Switch right off the bat.

I’m not clear on how that utility board works - do you install it into Ansible somehow or does it live outside a Eurorack case?

it’s a standalone board. once assembled it lives wherever you want to stash it. i’m considering building one and mounting it inside my case with the usb cables hanging out a gap.


Analogue haven has some of the 5v ext dongles. I was a happy ending kit user as well. I ended up replacing the uZeus with a 4ms row power 40 for 164 hp of modules including ansible and earth sea. No problems.

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So with the 4ms row power 40 you needed no additional dongles or modules? You powered ansible and earth sea with that in addition to you other modules ?

That makes it pretty simple. Thanks a lot!

Correct! There’s a thread hiding out somewhere that lists it as a tested power supply for monome trilogy modules. I picked it up based on that, haven’t had any problems.


Hey i am looking for a second switch for my 6U
I can’t seem to locate one anywhere though
Any News or has it been sunsetted?


Meee Tooooooooo.
This seems like it would be a good one to keep producing??

Pretty sure it’s out of production for good I’m afraid

If you need it for power then this is a DIY option

Or there are some other ideas in this thread

A used Switch (and a used Earthsea) is currently in stock at Escape from Noise:

Will this work for Teletype as well?

yep, I use the related Offworld-1 with mine with no problems ^-^

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Just an FYI. I have the intellijel 7u 104 case all filled up. And no problem with Ansible and teletype with grid connected doing its thing. Medowphysics has a lot of pretty lights. :smiley:

So I’m porting a usb power data splitter to a Euro panel and thought about changing the design a bit to swap the usb out ports with trrs jacks instead. I have a bunch that are unused, and would like to keep the usb receptacles for other projects. Plus I have some trrs to USB cables. Does this sound problematic? Like will the power, d+, d-, and ground short out or cause unwanted cross connections while the trrs cable is pushed in?

Don’t hot plug it and you’d be fine, but the risk of a short is worrisome. Computer USB ports are protected by PTC fuses but I don’t know about monome gear.

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Sorry for the reply to such an old topic :hugs:

Is there a DIY kit alternative to the Switch? I see that there’s this two > one solution but what I’m looking for is a one device to two host switch to switch my grid between an anisible and white whale. The 5v power for the grid would be a bonus!

I could likely use a passive usb sharing switch and the expressive e ground loop adapter to achieve the same thing but it would be nice to have something tidy like the Switch module in my case. Thanks!

Hi! There‘s Offworld/Switch

The gerbers/bom are on GitHub and it‘s an easy build. Dm me if you need more info.

Edit: ah sorry, just saw that you are looking for a module.

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Oh thank you! I dunno how I missed this. Module would have been great but this is neater than my switch and adapter alternative for sure.

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