Monome Switch problem

Hello Everybody,

Little questionj I used the orginal power supply for my Monome Switch and this didn’t work. Used another power supply and the Switch worked for one day. I bought the switch for my Meadowphysics and White Whale.

What could I do to make it work again, because my Eurorack case can’t handlle all that power consumption…

Hope to hear somebody soon


e-mail if you need to send it in for repair. is it simply a loose power jack?

I ll have a look this evening andxill keep you posted. Bought it new at Escape from Noise AB… few months ago :wink:


Problem resolved, i resolderd the power jack. Not enough solder or half soldered legs to pcb at first glance. I’m monoming again…

Cheers Brian and thanks for the tip :wink: