monome-teensy: monome serial library for Teensy development boards

While working on a small hardware project that connects a grid to a Teensy, I made a little library to make my life easier so I thought I’d share it here in case it’s useful for others.

monome-teensy is a library that allows Teensy devices configured as USB hosts to communicate with monome devices via USB serial. It’s essentially just a thin layer on top of the USBHost_t36 library that speaks monome serial protocol.

The library is designed to work with all monome grids but has only been tested on a 2021 varibright 128 grid. To date it hasn’t been confirmed to work with other grids but there’s no reason it shouldn’t work. There is also experimental support for arc but it’s untested since I’ll probably never have an arc. It works with Teensy development boards 3.6, 4.0 and 4.1.

Comments, issues, pull requests, etc all welcome. I hope you find this useful. Thanks!


Thanks for sharing this. Just curious if you can share some info about the project you are using it in?

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When I got my Grid I put “Monome Grid compatibility” on my to-do list for my phase modulation synth that’s based on a Teensy µC.

Thanks for doing this! :smiley:


You’re welcome, @hallmar Let me know how its working (or not working). I’m really curious to see how useful this is for other people and not just the specific things I had in mind. There’s more to come. I’m going to add support for sys commands and setting callbacks soon.

@frankchannel right now it’s nothing more than a hardware prototype that lets me play with the grid. I have some ideas that I’m playing with but nothing I’m ready to announce until I’m a little more confident in them. Thank you for asking.


Callback support has been added for grid key events, arc encoder and arc switch events. The latest with updated docs is in the repo.

Our project will be booting this up asap. I haven’t dug through the code yet but was the trick related to using the “big buffer” for the ftdi compatibility?

ansible / o+C / switch matrix hybrid

We started chatting about it in the thread linked above…

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No trick. Just a serial device on top of the USBHost_t36.h library.


This could be really interesting for an ornament & crime firmware


Hi, It is interesting.
I have a question for it, now I don’t have a grid device, I have plan to buy a grid in this year,
before that I would like to understand a bit about grid and serialosc, did you test with other software and teensy board? I am really curious about it controlling teensy under serialosc.