Monome Teletype and Walk


algorithmic ecosystem

preliminary documentation will be posted tomorrow.

$480. includes keyboard.


$140. includes two footswitches.

monomentary and toggle out per switch, plus XOR and AND outputs. perfect companion to teletype, or manually clocking a ww/mp, etc.

both shipping mid june.


also, only two mangroves and a three sisters in the rack. they sound amazing. buy them:


this is all kinds of exciting but right now i’m thinking how much easier it’ll make firmware debugging.
can’t wait to see the code and how interfacing with other modules is done!

awesome and unexpected. congrats!
was this the controversial one?

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i’m trying to parse out the gorgeous chirps and wind

dplpg pinging three sisters + ???

what a fantastic/flexible performance sequencing system!

this looks [and sounds] like so much fun

f***, @tehn. you didn’t promise too much when you said this would be mind-blowing.
seriously genius stuff, especially with the integration to the already existing monome modules.
as a simple solution to clock earthsea, which some people were expecting, teletype is probably a bit over-engineered.
but wow, how good is this thing! love how all your modules so far are starting to come together in a coherent composition and performance system.

haha, the chirps are sampled from ultima 7: the black gate (1992) one of the best rpg’s ever. it’s on skyclad iv

the video was too silent, so i added fake birds.


i’ll write up a tutorial for adding the UART debug header on the back of modules. all our stuff is totally set up for easy debugging, it’s just not populated. i think you’re the only one hacking the firmware, much respect for that!

yes, controversial. but hopefully not. it is incredibly musical and powerful, but requires thinking sideways. it’s too easy to just add a new delay effect (etc) to your rack. this is different.

that’s the beauty of em
makes you really feel like you need all for the full experience
(so i’m resisting buying any or all the dominoes will tip)

i do have space in a small skiff so i need to ignore this page

srsly. i have white whale and meadowphysics and A FULL CASE and should not be reading this thread.

smart move. too late for me. i’ve been sucked into the monome / mangrove eurorack addiction thing already.
looks like i’m going to have to buy teletype as well.
off to have a more detailed look at the teletype app to get a feel for what this is all about.

i might hold off until tomorrow for the docs. the teletype app is really not representative-- a proof of concept. the new teletype represents a substantial amount of design and code.

thanks for the recommendation. will wait till tomorrow.

Amazing work. Can’t wait for more details and to try it out!

Jeepers creepers ! That was unexpected! Breaking some new ground here. I’m almost afraid I’m not smart enough to use this.


I am dying to try this beast!

Congratulations on this monomental achievement!

amazing, amazing work, well done.

so many questions - i’ll wait for the new web site, etc.

i’m a tad wary of having a computer(ish) interface tied to the modular, as computerlessness is what drew me to modular in the first place. This may be too compelling to resist though.

i also have a dislike for $2 krappy keyboards and the like, so maybe an option to buy the teletype without a keyboard would be good. I’m imagining a small usb bluetooth dongle and an apple aluminium keyboard, but maybe that wouldn’t work. Now if monome made a keyboard … :grinning:

Regardless, you earn three Awesome Goat points: :goat::goat::goat:

This is incredible – the best kind of controversy I could have imagined. I can’t wait to try it!

The video for the Cold Mac, with two Mangroves and a Three Sisters, really sold me on that setup. Fantastic sounds.

looks and sounds amazing. congrats! teletype was such a cool idea… crazy to imagine that in a modular.

beautiful work @tehn!