Monome Teletype and Walk


Top 5 of 2015!


I was a bit surprised, not because it doesn’t deserve to be in the top 5 best eurorack modules of 2015, but because I didn’t think that many people would vote for it. But if I had voted, I would have definitely included it.

It surprises me as well. It’s just that i have the feeling that TT doesn’t really encounter the success it should. There are not so many vids or pictures or songs out there mentioning TT. According to me, TT is the most innovative and powerful module since i got into eurorack.


i am struggling with a little problem. Can someone be so gentle and tell we why this doesn’t work


With every Pulse, TT should read the Voltage on the IN-Jack and set CV 1 to it.
my problem is that the voltage on CV1 will updated on Pulse after.

Let me explain:

current behavior:
Step 1 : In=2092 CV 1 = 0
Step 2 : In=8640 CV 1 = 2092
Step 3 : In=1316 CV 1 = 8640
Step 4 : In=3540 CV 1 = 1316

expected behaviour:
Step 1 : In=2092 CV 1 = 2092
Step 2 : In=8640 CV 1 = 8640
Step 3 : In=1316 CV 1 = 1316
Step 4 : In=3540 CV 1 = 3540

cv input is polled on a timer, so CV 1 IN will output the value of in anywhere between 0-40ms late.

add a delay to the second line:


you may need to fiddle with the delay time.

it works, thank you.


Is the polling timer that long ?
It means that keeping timing between a part of the patch using sampling values in TT and a ‘rest of the modular’ part of the patch would not be tight ?
That would explain a lot.

i’ll check the exact timing. i may be able to change firmware to do on-demand sampling of the ADC, but that seems like a less-good idea for maintaining quick execution of scripts. ie, sampling the ADC at super-super high rates would eat most of the CPU. polled ADC sampling keeps the system smooth.

I love using TT to process cv from a sequencer, trigged with the same clock as the sequencer. So timing is critical in these situations.

Blast from the past…
but i was just re-reading this thread, and think this ECHO idea is cool.
Could be very useful and quite musically exciting.
so simple too!
one short line, that could pack a lot of rhythmical interest…

ECHO )) echo )) echo ))

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late to the game here and sorry if this is a noob question, but how exactly is the teletype controlling the po-12? is it just sending sync / run / stop, with a sequence already programmed into the po, or is there something more hands on? if there’s a deeper cv way to control the po series that would be big for me. just curious.


As far as i know you can only trigger the next step in the sequencer.

Ther is no deeper CV control over PO series implemented.
It’s all about sending it a complex trigger patterns, combined with particular sequence layout/content on the PO.

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When I power on my walk module with both footswitches connected all the LED’s are lit. When I hit and release the switches it goes into expected operation.
I guess the state is updated on “trigger interrupts”.
Is it possible to fix the initial state? I’m not sure about the memory restrictions on such a small chip.

yes it’s possible to update the firmware quite easily.

unfortunately for this 4hp unit we had to make a custom header for programming, so it’s not exactly straightforward. i’ll find a minute to publish a pinout

Just wanna say of all the brilliant things you guys have made, teletype is the dopest. Can’t recommend more strongly to anybody on the fence. Thank you!

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Just getting back into working with TT

I can confirm that IN.CAL.MIN and IN.CAL.MAX appear to have fixed this issue. I started work on a new scene which involved sampling incoming CV to create arrays, and I ran into the same note 59 issue as back in 2015. But I ran the two OPs with 0v and 10v and all seems well.