Monome Text Scroller

I have been wanting a text scroll type max patch for my 128. I used to use nerdscroll with a 64 grid. But on a 128 I wanted the patch to scroll words in a phrase rather than each letter. So being that google is good at finding things, I used it and found this very short thread on the old monome forums. Text Scroller

After updating the serialosc patcher it works smoothly… Due to incompetence I cannot get the patch to display nicely in presentation mode. Any help would be appreciated :slight_smile: I have attached the original unaltered patch here. Credits to nomubiku for this… exactly what I was looking for. Still so much good stuff to be unearthed on the old (7.1 KB)


@Holl1f3ld tx for sharing! I took some time to make an interface. Let me know how it works for you … (13.9 KB)


That was quick! Excellent as well… thanks so much. Im taking a little time each day to tinker with max. The more I do, the more I find myself appreciating the skill and knowledge of the people who have crafted the wonderful apps I use every day with the grid that has become indespensable to my creativity.

Im enjoying the interface alot. I would love more development of this app… perhaps a way to make the words flash on the screen sequentially and an m4l port with midi mapping of the settings. Im going to have a poke around in the patch and see what I can learn. Thanks again!

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