Monome walnut or new one

First of all
Finally I signed up:)
I have an opportunity to buy walnut 128 no tilt no varibright edition no usb power (better for eurocrack?) and 8x8 walnut with tilt. My question is go for it or buy new one, lightly more expensive than two combined.
I use terms with silent way and ES3 sequencing my eurorack.
Monome mostly for sequencing modular stuff.Since I own expert sleepers modules i dont think of buying white whale or earthsea.
Will I miss much with older monomes?
Think You for help

i think the newer aluminum design, excellent feel of the new pads, and vari-bright support make it worthwhile to go for current 128 model.
used to own a walnut 256 and 64 before but now have a new 128. happy.