Monome website capitalization style

In some discussion about writing style and capitalization, the monome website about page got mentioned as being un-capitalized.

I thought that was curious because after investigation, most pages seems to follow this style, but not all of them (Most modular documentation don’t, but norns documentation does).

Is there an intent behind this? Should everything be uncapitalized? Are you open to pull request to make it consistent?

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The no-capitalization style—in this case often combined with incomplete sentences—can be very hard to maintain as the density of prose increases. After all, capitalization (in English) evolved for reasons. Ironically, the first level of the monome site that reverts to normal practices is the page for Teletype—a device that doesn’t have letter case.


Informal communication tends to increase in formality as clarity requires.


I’d agree with that but then…why would Teletype and Norns be treated differently?

Perhaps because the complexity of the topic made a less formal style untenable.

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i suspect the front page of monome org (and about page) will remain uncapitalized as homage to our earliest web presence (and our informal disposition of choice) but the docs will all be migrated towards cased for readability.