Monome / Whimsical raps / I2c Appreciation thread

Hello I just wanted to say how great this community and the manufacturers are

Also how incredible all these modules collaborate together.

I had a few synthesizers, nothing to high end but some decent equipment
I was into modular for a few years before discovering Monome and mannequins in late 2017

Prior to that, I had a make noise system
A Pittsburgh system
A pretty extensive Mother/dfam/Moog/ Moogerfooger system

Since then I really can’t find the time or need to play anything else, the amount of sonic discovery and attention to detail, that is waiting to be tapped in each module is mind boggling!

I often look at my make noise system or moog and feel like I should be playing this
(That’s a hell of a system) but no time !!!

Not when I have just friends /crow/Norns
I have em all lol actually
but those 3 Right there with a grid and maybe a teletype

!!! Mind blowing territory :flushed::flushed::flushed:
I know I won’t be making the same sound twice
And getting bored !!!

Unless I specifically chose to go that route which is somewhat impossible on some other systems

And to boot the community involved keeps revamping my old modules into something more fantastic with each firmware or bootleg
It’s incredible

Thanks for not taking our money and offering us shiny new black panels that do the same thing or leaving us with an outdated module 12 months later For the new V2

How much this machine has grown in Last couple years
Is a prime example of people coming together for a greater cause and I’m glad to be a part of it

Anyway, that’s it for my rant

Thank you


As an owner of several Whimsical Raps/Monome modules I would also like to express my gratitude. And also to Orthogonal Devices. Is incredible to see how these modules become more powerful with time without MKii releases…

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This performance is all about that :slight_smile: Teletype communicating with w/, justfriends, er-301 .