Monome-y times in Copenhagen?

I just moved to Copenhagen a few weeks ago, and wanted to see if folk knew of shows or groups doing monome-y/interesting music invention things in the city.


Try getting in touch with the guys at they had a monome night once about a year ago or so and tehn gave a Skype talk…

I know @Yann_Coppier is in Copenhagen making crazy stuff involving grids and Aleph so I’m bumping him, maybe he’ll be able to point to a few other artists located there!

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Where did you move from? My girlfriend and I have been dreaming about moving to CPH for a few years, my favourite city by far. Being reminded that there’s occasionally monome stuff happening there as well makes the draw even stronger.

I am there indeed, and was actually part of the Rumkraft event about Monome. Played a concert there.
These days I am mostly working with the Aleph and some grids, but if people want to meet I can also spread the word and bring a few more people in there. Just let me know, and welcome here @readywater !

I’m in CPH 2 - 4 times each year and would love to do something like this, or even setup some performances. My next trip will probably be in the fall.

(Hi @readywater!)

This is all very cool. I’ve been monomeically (and generally musically) delinquent for a while, so stoked to learn of folk to jam with in the area.

@Yann_Coppier , if you’re free for meeting up some time, we definitely should! I know @emenel is often here for CIID related events and that community has an itch for musical inventions as well, so I wonder if there might be a chance to bring a bigger group together too?

@HateNames I moved every few years for the past bit, so am originally Toronto, then to San Francisco, then to DC for a bit, and now in Copenhagen. You should come visit, it’s been a wonderful first month. :slight_smile:

@frankchannel and @LLK, thank you guys for the pointers!