Monome64 as basic control surface?

I’m very new to the monome community but from what I can tell you all are very knowledgeable and helpful, so I’m sure someone can point me in the right direction…
I just got a monome 64 a few days ago, and I’ve used it with monome_sum. I love mlr. It’s fantastic. My only issue is that the functionality is a little limited. I use Livid Looper occasionally as well as Usine Hllyhock, What I’d like to know is if there are applications that allow for easy control of software that primarily receives midi messages.
Also, I use Renoise as my main DAW and it has applications that allow it to work directly with monome. I can’t seem to get Renoise and my monome to communicate via OSC unfortunately. Any responses would be appreciated. Just trying to find a concise way to play with my loops and samples.

To make the monome work with Renoise, you will need to use the monomebridge. This will allow you to do the configuration that Renoise expects.

This is an excellent app for using the monome to output MIDI notes

Many people are fond of insanity for using the monome to output both MIDI notes and CC values

control is yet another option (I’ve personally had some difficulty making it work, YMMV)

Apologies, I had forgotten about that thread.