Monomers in Connecticut

Hi everyone
i just completed my Monome frenzy and received my Teletype. I would like to connect it to the legacy modules very much but my arthritis and poor eyesight makes this too frustrating for me. I purchased a soldering iron and basically almost destroyed an Earthsea module because a teeny dollop of solder dripped on the board and created some weird problem where no notes or slew values would respond from input from the grids or the encoders. Plucking it off seems to have restored it to operational but soldering these are just beyond me physically.

If anyone is is the Stamford/Stratford Area and would like to give me a hand i’ll buy you lunch or something. I may ask tehn for another Monome HQ visit but i know he’s super busy with MIM coming up too. And i guess i am going to need another II cable because i basically ruined one of the connections out of the three.

At least i get back to fully functional but Soldering is not my strong suit i see

if you don’t find any locals feel free to ship them in for soldering.

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Thanks. I tried a little bit today but i am going to reach out to some repair/computer people as well with hopes of a simple job might be done.

oh, can i buy another cable? I pretty much destroyed the 3rd part of the one that came with the Teletype