Monome's in the Future

hello all…

been thinking about this for some time now… so.

what will people think of monome’s in 50 or 100 years?

with all this “landfill technology” coming and going. how will the monome age? will they attract the same sort of lust as vintage things do today…?

will they stand the test off time?

can we even imagine what they might be used for?

v.interested to know what people here think about this



very good point!

i hope the first thing aliens find is a monome. i wonder what version of max they will have?

to the future!

:pineapple: :alien: :pineapple:

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I suspect that in 50 or 100 years time, no-one will care or know what monome was. Not many ideas last that long. But the decoupled grid as such seems have become a permanent part of the scene. So long as people will want to be able to trigger/slice/resample and sequence sound events with visual feedback, the grid is likely to be around in one form or another.

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maybe 50 to 100 year was a bit drastic… its very hard to predict the future. the pace of change is also quickening day by day!! virtual reality monome’s might be the next step?

hope my floppies still work in virtual reality…


it’s alrady hard to predict next year…

who would have thought to see monome in the modular world? not me, one year ago :wink:
(well, the aleph was already a novelty in terms of standalone-ness, I could have seen that coming for sure)