Monophonic Composition and Single Sound Source Techniques

Has anyone got a link to the Ciani paper?

For some reason I’m not finding it online.

i think it’s this one:

That’s it!!!

Thanks so much!

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A Pro 3 isn’t on my financial radar right now, but I had a similar experience with the humble desktop Mopho years back - that had some very surprising and inspiring patches for a monosynth with no onboard effects and, as with your experience, much of that was down to thoughtful use of the onboard sequencers. In the wake of this thread I might dig it out again and give it some MIDI CC attention from the Pyramid.


I also noticed this and tried, but I couldn’t figure it out. Will keep poking at it, but if you or anyone discovers anything close would love to hear about it.

I keep coming back to this Hordijk performance. Certainly it contains the mixing strategies proposed above as well the the usage of delay - but it eschews traditional sequencing. Perhaps this kind of improvisation/composition could be described as the careful management of modulation sources?