Montreal, September 29, 30...what's going on?

Hello, I’ve seen other threads like this so I wanted to give it a try.

My partner and I are going to Montreal to celebrate her 30th birthday. We’ll be there the afternoon of 29 and all day 30, leaving sometime on October 1.

We like music, could anyone recommend any good shows going on then? We like electronic, ambient, jazz…

We also like parks, good restaurants and things of that nature.

If anyone was organizing a show of the experimental/ambient/drone style I’d be willing to play as well, that would be a very nice way to meet some like minded people. I have music here if anyone was interested in that, although I know it is getting a little late for that. Also I have a eurorack setup if anyone wanted to do a modular on the spot style thing or something.

Last but not least, my partner is pretty fluent in french french, she studied aborad in Paris and still reads quite a bit in french, although she hasn’t done much speaking in a while. If that helps I’m throwing that out there.

Thank you!


I don’t know of any shows going on at the moment, but something should pop up, as there’s always something going on here. I can recommend some restaurants if you let me know what kind of cuisine you’re in to?

We are staying in an area called the village. We got an airbnb.

I`d say we like anything thats not a chain resturant. We are vegetarian, but besides that we are open to anything good.

We do drink some, so we would be open to trying a nice bar.

I’m not from Montreal but have been there a lot. Aux Vivres is a great restaurant (veggie) on Saint Laurent. Casa del Popolo is a cafe/bar/music venue just up the same street which is also great and also vegetarian. There are some other venues associated with Casa and the names are escaping me right now.
End of September might be around Pop Montreal music fest…not sure.
Hope that helps!

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If you’re in the Mile End area and eat chicken, check out Serrano on St.Viateur arguably the best chicken sandwich in town :slight_smile:
+1 for Quebec brewery action :beers:

Thanks everyone, especially for the detailed outline @nutritionalzero. Nice
to have some guidance so we don’t waste any time.

You’d be remiss if you didn’t stop for a poutine at La Banquise on Rachel. They have vegetarian sauce and toppings and fry in veggie oil. You can also exchange your cheese for soy cheese but I strongly suggest trying the classic Quebec cheese curds if you’re ok with dairy.

Parc LaFontaine nearby La Banquise is a traditional spot for the locals to hang out, it’s quite pretty, well worth a stroll through. I often picnic there or hang in a hammock on the weekends near the fountain.

There’s an excellent craft beer bar called Pit Caribou near there too, which has reasonable prices and amazing beer, and for another good microbrewery I’d recommend Dieu du Ciel! which is up near @nutritionalzero’s Itinierary #1 on Laurier. Two of my faves in town.

Also, you really should do a walk up the mountain - the trail starts in the vicinity of the large statue facing rue Parc and as you wind your way up you can take a large set of stairs to shortcut (but steep-cut) the route. The stairs are great if you want to get there faster than wending your way slowly along the walkways. You can also take a bus up but that’s cheating, IMO. The view from the top is worth it, especially near sunset when the city is lit from behind your shoulders by the setting sun and glows orange and blue.

Finish the evening by going to the petite little secret bar Big in Japan on St. Laurent, in a quarter of the city called Little Portugal where Leonard Cohen lived.

I should note Montreal is a city best visited by bicycle, too. You can rent the heavy but ubiquitous BIXIs everywhere for a reasonable day rate, they’re good for 30 minutes between docks which is plenty to get anywhere one-way, and you can just dock it instead of having to find parking. There is a BIXI app to help you find the nearest dock and know if it’s full, empty, or whatever. Or you can rent nicer bicycles from C&L cycles on Rachel right next to La Banquise - great service, beautiful bikes, little pricey but they’re good people.