Montréal Show Today! — Ambiences Électroniques at Vices & Versa

Me, @maxijazz (the Axaxaxas Mlö duo), @nutritionalzero and the Arc band will be performing live sets at bar Vices & Versa this Sunday (February 16th 2020), starting at 6PM. Our shows will be a mixture of ambient, electronic, post-rock performed on modular, synths and acoustic instruments.

We’d be happy to meet people from lines there!

Below: setup picture (Axaxaxas Mlö) + poster design for the event.


Oh, this looks nice! How long will your show be? I’m busy at 6 but free later. If I end up going I’ll introduce myself.

We have a modular performance night every week at Eastern Bloc every Monday night. Kind of an Open Mic (Line) night. You’re invited to come ! (Everyone is invited). Https://


The shows should be on from 6 to 8. Our part (Axaxaxas Mlö) will be roughly between 6 and 6:30 [EDITED].

I’ve only attended Modular Mondays once because of scheduling conflicts in the past, but it should be easier for me to go now. Seems like it could be fun!