Moog Matriarch

Anyone there spent any meaningful time with the Matriarch yet and care to share your thoughts?

The Matriarch looks great, I just bought a Grandmother ten days ago though…

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I just played around with it for like 20 minutes, and it is interesting. Note that I’m not a huge keyboard synth person and don’t own any of my own, so take my thoughts with a grain of salt.

The filters was especially fun, the different ways of arranging them was fun to play around with. The sync interface for layered monophonic is really cool and you can get a very wide variety of sync sounds/parallel detuned sync.

Playing in poly is kind of quirky. It seemed pretty difficult to get things in tune, so you get various amounts of beating as you play. I think I would prefer a DCO poly if I was looking for that mainly. There is a setting to retrigger envelopes, so I felt you could get a pretty convincing four voice poly.

The delay is not my thing. It is very dark (to me it doesn’t really sound like a delay of the thing you played, more like a muddy thing underneath the note). At this point, I can pretty confidently say I personally enjoy digital emulations of analog/tape echos rather than the real thing, as you can dial in how much weirdness you want.

I think PWM wasn’t working yet. I did not mess around with the sequencer.


Hmm, I would probably actually enjoy imperfectly tuned poly with beating, or so I imagine. Not enough to buy a pricey synth like this, but I might see if I can get a really subtle voice detuning in Aalto :slight_smile:


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Just wanted to say I absolutely agree with you on the digital delay comment. I got a space echo for a great price, used it for a week and decided to sell it because I preferred my El Capistan…


@Starthief sounds like a cool idea!

One thing to note about the Matriarch is that it feels definitely inspired by the Mono/Poly in interface. I had the opportunity to play with one of those last year, and when sequencing, the ability to pitch offset and mix/mute certain oscillators in and out, can create really interesting evolving sequences. I can imagine it would be really cool to automatically control these types of things with the CV in and some tempo synced modulation.

Also another thing I forgot to mention is that the key bed felt very nice to me, and the construction felt very high-quality.


I got a Grandmother about ten days ago and it’s hands down the best built/sounding/featured mono synth I have ever owned, and that’s after nearly 30 years of owning mono synths! I can only imagine the Matriarch will be of the same high standard. I also love the Mono/Poly. Hopefully you’ll be able to do similar stuff on the Matriarch.


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Chatted briefly with Max Ravitz at Control—he might be a tad biased, but he’s (obviously) spent a lot of time with one and he kept saying how much he liked the sound. I would think the main reason for buying something like a Matriarch (or Grandmother) would be whatever relatively rare character it offered, but that’s hard to evaluate secondhand.

I do really find the Grandmother and Matriarch appealing on paper. If I needed something like that…

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Moog has kinda left a bad taste in my mouth with the Sub Phatty. I love the sound, but for me their build quality has not been what I expected. The keys went yellow after a few years (was not in direct sunlight or anything) and recently I noticed the LFO waveform switch was broken.

This one does look and sound beautiful so I might pick one up someday on the second hand market.

I was traveling through Asheville a couple of weeks ago and took the Moog tour, hung out in the store for a bit and played everything I could. Went back the next day and bought a Grandmother. Its sound really stuck in my head, really different from the Sub Phatty (my wife has one) and Mother 32 (which I have)… just super raw and powerful. When I saw the Matriarch was released, I had a moment of “oh man, should I have waited for this?!”… until I saw the price tag. Still super happy with the Grandmother. I think this new family of synths is way more exciting the Sub family.


To be fair, I think the SP was a bit of an outlier. The Sub/sequent series have held up quite well over time, and it seems they’ve chosen a better keyboard material/vendor. Personally I find I prefer the Subsequent sound to the Grandmother/Matriarch sound (grittier, darker) but I can get where people are coming from liking these new hipster-coloured machines with patch points and spring reverbs and whatnot. The Mono/Poly comparison seems very apt, and I would go so far as to say the Grandmother is sort of Moog’s MS-20 too. Clearly some heritage fusion going on.

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hipster-coloured, like the sail in yr profile pic?


I purchased a SP when they released it, and I enjoyed it ever since.I have to agree with you on the build quality: the rubbered side panels started to peel off badly, although the synth has never been in direct contact with light.
I ordered some replacement panels Directly from Moog, but I have been always wondering if it would be a realistic expectation to get hold of the drawings for these panels and get them cut in some material that would not wears off like that rubbered plastic (i.e. wood) originally used.

I’m waiting for someone to do wood side panels for the GM. Already asked one dude in the UK but said he can’t do it until he can borrow one to get the exact measurements.

Well, if you or anyone on lines do know a dude state side that could cut some wood work for the SP, please inbox me :wink:

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There are three or four places I found a couple of weeks ago when I Googled it, US and EU based. Didn’t bookmark any except the UK dude unfortunately. This guy:


Here’s the new Matriarch: