Moog Matriarch


I had GMUSynth bookmarked for custom wooden panels, but these have been unavailable for quite a while.

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Those demos sound fantastic. Very warm and full of emotion. I’m usually not in the market for keyboard synths. But this one could change that.

There are #houseplants everywhere after all!


This is on my to-buy list for sure. Really enjoying the sounds from these demos. Thankfully my studio space in my current apartment does not have the room currently… maybe after I move.

I love the aesthetic of this line. It’s probably the only keyboard synth that appeals to me? Unless you count the Lyra8 as having a keyboard. :laughing:

I wish they had more sound demos for launch. I love love love the videos they produce, but I want to hear more. I’d like to heard some more pads.

I loved my mono/poly, so this is weirdly tempting even if it’s probably priced a little out of where I’d consider. The Grandmother is still tempting as well.

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Don’t know the source but it’s such a beauty in greyscale!


the source:

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I love the colour scheme of the GM and M, wouldn’t want it to be plain old grey scale!

This is a great vid explaining the main functions:


Same, so happy to see some colors. I’m not even a fan of the color palette they chose but I just love how it generally feels looking at it and wished there were more colorful synths like this.


Maybe you are a fan.

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this is really cool. My mom is a special education teacher, and there’s something about this that reminds me of the assistive puzzles and toys she had in her classroom I remember seeing when I was a kid.


Assistive is good yaar.

Actually I would have thought the greyscale thing would have gone over better with the minimalists. I prefer it meself.

Lovely FM


I also played the Matriarch for a bit at Moogfest. Although I don’t really care about analog vs. digital with respect to delays, I actually thought the delay was one of the nicest aspects, maybe just because how well it is implemented, and how uncommon it is to see a stereo BBD delay. Overall it seemed very nice, especially the layout and quality of the controls, the keybed itself seemed nicer than the keybed on the Moog One. My only qualm would be paying $2000 for a patchable mono / duo / paraphonic synth when I already have a small Eurorack system, though starting from scratch it would cost more than $2000 to recreate the Matriarch. I do wonder why Moog hasn’t released any Eurorack modules (beyond the Mother32, DFAM, et al.), though perhaps they would rather sell / support complete instruments.

The Mother series is by far the best modern Moog.

In fact for melody I’d take one of these over the Moog One in terms of tone, and would also choose this over the Minimoog because it is patchable and sounds like a Moog modular.

Very cool.


The last tune in that Moog place, time, memory promotional video by Sarah S is very enjoyable.

I’ve listened to it many times trying to figure out how that synth tone was created. Looks like some interesting modulation going on. On some chords there is a very distinct white noise fading in and I’m hearing some sort of modulated glide on the osc trigger or maybe just a slow filter attack.

Looks as though the filter is not open very wide until she does that manually, but there is a grittyness to the tone that is intriguing. Is that just the character of those particular oscillators?

Any ideas how to recreate that tone on a moog voyager? I’d save and purchase the matrarch however I don’t need the keyboard part.

I have to say that it is amazing! I had about 8 hours on it so far. To me music is more about tone than features. This thing has spirit!!!

Yes I agree. The matriarch actually has a better tone! It is the ultimate- and a freaking hate when folks say that lol