Moog Sirin

Hey @madeofoak, nice demo! I won’t be trading my Minitaur anytime soon, but this looks like a nice variant on it.


Sirin means literally birdsong in Estonian. Sounds awesome to my ears

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The Minitaur is such a lovely simple synth with tremendously musical filters. I’m very glad they’ve uncapped the oscillator frequency limit here.

unexpectedly very tempting, it sounds lovely. I’ll be in LA for the weekend and see if I can sneak over to their pop-up and try it out.

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I enjoy using the Minitaur, I’m curious how this differs - different oscillator design? If I recall the Taurus / Minitaur are limited in their range because they have linear vs exponential frequency control?

The Minitaur, at least, uses 1V/Oct standard pitch tracking, so that’s not the issue. Internally, the voltage rails weren’t high enough to allow for pitches above middle C, and since the entire internals were designed around these voltage tolerances, a complete redesign of all the components was necessary to raise the rails to permit higher frequencies to be represented. This probably necessitated some re-engineering to keep the characteristics of the sound from changing too much, as well. In the end, it seems from their marketing copy that they’ve tried to stay as true to the Minitaur’s oscillator and filter design as possible while expanding the frequency of operation. I would expect some subtle changes side-by-side to a Minitaur in the bass register (they are inevitable) but fundamentally it looks to be the “same” classic Minitaur sound in the same package and software, just with higher note limits and possibly some slight filter changes to accommodate that.


hey thanks! super nerdy detail but I went with the birds theme and used kria to sequence all those fluttery top parts.

yes, in effect it’s just an ‘unlocked’ minitaur that plays very well with cv, nearly everything in the video was controlled through my skiff. kind of a weird choice for a one-off special edition, since I’d imagine it might annoy some minitaur owners who wonder why the bonus cv input options aren’t implemented yet in their firmware/editor (as far as I know that is - don’t have the most recent editor on this computer) edit: newest MT editor includes the cv options. that said it sounds very nice, especially when paired with (cv modulated!) Moog delay and BAM. side by side with a miniatur there’s not a ton of difference in the low end that I can hear.


What new CV functionality does it have? As of one of the recent Minitaur updates, the Pitch or Amp CV inputs can be mapped to any continuous control, and the gate input can be mapped to any switch control (turn hard sync on and off, etc.)

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oh that’s all - my version of the editor didn’t have that yet. nvm!


It’s an exceptionally good choice for a first Moog.

Moog is exceptionally good at making me want to buy non-modular gear. :sweat_smile: This won’t do it… but they’ll get me one day.

Another well done video. Kudos to Moog’s marketing department.

Is he running earthsea on a computer in the demo video?

^^ 20 characters of Kria

it’s the earthsea module controlling the sirin via cv - skiff is just out of frame


This post reminded me that I have a Slim Phatty that would love to be CV controlled… so that’s what I’ve been doing all night.

Since I already have a Minitaur and Slim Phatty, I think the only real draw to the Sirin (for me) would be the slick AU/VST interface with more range in the oscillators. The SP has the higher range but no AU/VST control (not entirely true, its just 3rd party, costs $$$ and to my knowledge, is no longer updated/supported).

This appears to be a pretty compact, reasonably priced, desktop analog synth. The AU/VST really opens it up but then you also get the CV control and upper registers that the Minitaur stops short of. Very cool. Despite appearances, I’m really trying to talk myself out of it.

I always had a soft spot for the Minitaur… somehow the synth money always managed to get spent on something else… probably for the best that this will end up being hard to get a hold of in the UK.


Very nice sounds in the demo video. I like the possibilities. Just realized the bright color scheme like the Grandmother, I wonder what future Moogs will look like.

I sure hope so and 20 chars.

Why did I trust “One Knob Per Function”?

I ordered early because I’ve wanted a nice analog synth but watching that review was a bit frustrating. The Octatrack is killing me with modes and this won’t help. I’ll live. With nice synths.

Which reminds me a little bit of the aesthetic used on the Moog Source