Moogfest 2018


I’ll be around for nearly the whole thing. Who are some of your can’t-miss artists?


I would be sure to catch the Caterina Barbieri set as well as Bana Haffar and Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith.


Yea, probably catch the first part, but think it overlaps with Jon Hopkins. :sob:


I’d definitely want to see Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith again, as well as Shabazz Palaces! Chelsea Manning is a speaker and not suddenly into synths, right??


Ono (Chicago gospel/noise/performance art/whatever) is such an amazing and weird band. Highly recommend.


SO JEALOUS. twenty whole characters of it, coursing through my body.

edit: also jealous of anyone who gets to sit in on any of the fifty things @stripes is doing! and @izzy’s PATCHING WORKSHOP CMON NOW. this lineup is out of control.


can we get a roll call of lines members who will be there? I’ll be there!


I’ll be there as well! Looking forward to Midori Takada, Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith, Jon Hopkins, and hopefully I’ll be able to catch some of Suzanne Ciani scoring The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari. Hoping to meet up with some of you fine people :smile:


Come on out Saturday were doing a Modular on the Spot at the American Tobacco Campus!


I just popped on to start a Moogfest 2018 thread, and here we are! I’ll be there Wed-Sun!

Musically I’m super stoked on seeing Jon Hopkins, Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith, Emily Sprague (@stripes!), Caterina Barbieri, Emptyset, the Deradoorian + Stephen O’Malley durational performance (#linesismetal), UMFANG, Upper Glossa, and Shabazz Palaces. Some others, too, that I don’t know much about but seem interesting, but those are the main ones.

In related news, I can’t believe Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith and @stripes have conflicting sets! :sob:

I’m just excited to hang out in the sunshine, meet lots of people, nerd out over gear, and hang out in the grass at the Tobacco Campus. Excited for another MOTS there, @kaba!

@bcfrench9: Is Bana playing? I don’t see her in the schedule anywhere.


I don’t know if I’m the best person to organize a little coffee-clutch or something (last year was my first time, so I’m still not super familiar with what might be the best place or time), but maybe we can come up with a good time slot and a good spot (coffee shop? or beers in the afternoon?) to have a little Monome group meet and greet?


maybe meeting up at/after the modular on the spot on Saturday?


I thought about that too, but I also wouldn’t mind meeting people sooner in the event so that if we see each other around we can share awkward pleasantries.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. But whatever the group prefers.


I got offered a ticket from a friend yesterday and I couldn’t get the time off from work :disappointed_relieved: mega bummed, I really wanted to see @stripes, Emptyset, & Jon Hopkins in particular .


What time is the modular on the spot happening on Saturday?


Hope you get to go next year, if you haven’t been it’s worth experiencing sometime.


Other than the already mentioned suggestions, the last Yves Tumor set I saw was one of my favorite things in years. And Umfang’s sets are incredible these days - t’would be a bummer if they were really shutting it down at 1:30 :frowning:


I’ll be there for the whole fest :slight_smile:


i will be there the 17th - 19th :sunny:

i’ll also be playing a 20 minute piece at the end of the cascine and stadium & shrines “dreams” event that starts around 4 (3pm on schedule) on saturday. will def swing by mots after :slight_smile:


I’ll be there the whole fest.

Doing two workshops: 1 on my own & 1 with Synth Library Prague (check them out) and playing right before Umfang at the Pinhook.

See y’all there…