Moogfest 2018


Meetup: How about 12:00p or 1:00p on Thursday in the American Tobacco Campus lawn near the water tower thing. That way folks can grab food and/or beer (yes, you can drink beer out there) and/or coffee and bring it with them and we don’t need to worry about finding seats in a restaurant/cafe or whatever. Plus, as @dudadius said, if we meet up earlier then we’ll know each other the whole fest! :slight_smile:


That sounds good…but maybe Friday? I actually don’t get in until Thursday afternoon. :grimacing:



I’m good with Friday. Maybe at noon? I’m going to see a friend talk until 12:00, and then I’m hoping to see the MakeNoise talk at 12:30. I’ve got lots of other random holes in my schedule though (eg: 6pm Friday), so if anyone has a different idea, go ahead and suggest it!



Yea, Friday noon sounds good!


Looking at that lineup, it’s just amazing how many great musicians are active at the moment. Wow.


MOTS will be 1:30-5 on Saturday!!! As for meeting up should be flexible whatever works for the majority. Early meet up for the sake of making friends for the weekend sounds like a good idea :slight_smile:


Is MOTS open for anyone? We don’t have them in Baltimore so I’m not sure how they usually go.


Sorry MOTS is not open to anyone to perform. It is kinda run like a normal show in the sense that the line up is planed ahead of time. However we do a lot of them in Philly and would be happy to put you on one! I would also be down to help organize one in Baltimore!


Ok yeah I figured as much! It would be kind of hectic otherwise lol I’m still pretty new to synthesis (just started this year) and I’m not sure what the community is like here but there’s a ton of nice spots throughout Baltimore that could potentially host some if there was interest.


Maybe lets start a PM conversation about that! If you can scout a place and find a few Baltimore people I could bring a few Philly friends down and we could make it happen. I usually have 5-7 people play.


I’ll be there for the duration! Let’s meet up y’all :control_knobs:


Is anyone in the engineering sessions?


Would love to meet some folks from the forum down there! I’ll be moderating a talk with Herb Deutsch on Thursday at 4:30 if anyone wants to come to say hey.


just discovered kyoka by putting a moogfest playlist on shuffle. cool glitchy stuff going to be at motorco friday at 9:30.


just had a really great time playing / recording with the new grandmother over at the mobile factory. really fun synth if anyone has a spare moment to check it out during the festival.


Anyone know of rogue MOTS (or similar) events going on?

I’m curious about the unauthorized fringes of MOOGFEST.

Also, since I’m from Raleigh, I look forward to all the local acts at Parts & Labor throughout the weekend. Plan to post up there afternoons and see what’s up with the area’s talent.

Actually, is anyone here PLAYING at Parts & Labor?


there’s an after party on Friday night at the dirty durm art space starting at 12:30am that I’m djing, and I’m also djing (not PLAYING) at parts & labor Saturday night midnight to 1:30am.



I’ll be there. I’m excited to see Jon Hopkins, Aurora halal, umfang, Amber mark and Fatima Al qadiri apart from going to workshops!


Not going to be able to do the whole fest this year but will be out there some tomorrow and possibly Friday and maybe even a remote chance for a bit Saturday.