Moogfest 2019


Well, I booked this morning.

Anyone got any hot tips on particularly “linesy” shows?

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No idea about ‘linesy’, but the Greg Fox album on Mondoj was absolutely stunning. If he’s mining similar territory, I’d definitely check it out:


I imagine you know a bunch of them, but the stuff I would make sure I saw if I were there:

Baseck - very ravey, technically impressive modular (or at least his videos show that side of him)
Gas - “ambient” “techno”
Jlin - detailed footwork, great sound design
Kelly Moran - processing of prepared piano
Lightbath - duh
Tim Hecker & The Konoyo Ensemble - Romantic washes of noise meets Japanese court music
William Basinski - tape manipulation and destruction

oh and there’s this guy Richard Devine who I’ve heard dabbles in modular.

As for ‘linesy’, we have Taylor Swift fans among us. I think anything is fair game :slight_smile:


Going through the lineup right now (paused at Lucrecia Dalt). Random thoughts below.

Really loving Faten Kanaan’s stuff, whom I haven’t heard of before. Kinda newage-y, circling synths, very organic, kind of all over the place timbraly.

I’m excited to see GAS, hopefully with a big, fancy sound system.

There seems to be some interesting ZZK-related stuff and other Central/South American dance music, which I’ll probably check out some of (Debit and Ela Minus who I’ve come across so far). I’m not a big dance music person, but I don’t think I’ll get the opportunity to see a lot of this stuff again, based on geography.

Aaron Dilloway’s latest record on spotify sounds kind of like experimental noise with pop elements. I think this kind of thing can be interesting and engaging live.

Airspace was interesting drone and the blurb said it will include analog visuals of some sort.

Craig Leon seems like some classic electronic pioneer I had never heard of before. Sounded cool to me.

Lucrecia Dalt’s record Anticlines is good. Kind of experimental percussive stuff on top of spoken word.

Kelly Moran is a pianist composer I didn’t know about. The spotify blurb said she played with OPN. The stuff I heard kind of sounds like Tim Hecker to me (so not just straight piano, but like processed and ambient stuff).

Eli Kessler sounded like Flying Lotus or music on Brainfeeder, but a little more composer-y, if that makes sense.

Dorit Chrysler sounds like cold wave music with theremin (which the bio said she is well-known for).

Drum & Lace’s music seems sort of “Lines-y” to me. Kind of IDM glitchy beats with drone-y orchestral-ish stuff on top.

Lightbath’s music I like, he does ambient modular stuff.


I’ve got tickets for this year too!
Not directly related to your question but does anyone know of any aftershows / pre-shows that are on the more DIY side? I think that’d be something cool to check out between the bigger more official stuff. And I’m bring my gear with me if there was anything I could hop on :innocent:

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Yeah I’m bringing an Intellijel 7U/84hp system. I was already heading out west on a one-way ticket and I figured it would be fun so I guess I’m going back east.

Super anxious about traveling with it.

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On Sunday, 30 minutes away in Chapel Hill is a dance-y day party. If you head over that way (assuming it’s open) check out all day records in Carrboro. They specialize in left-field electronic music.

If it’s similar to last year, Raundhaus had a stage set up during the day at motor co (which was one of the night venues) that was a showcase of local electronic. Was a nice, low key spot to hang out, I had a nice convo with @bradfromraleigh there last year.

I’ll keep my ears out for other local stuff going on and post here if I see.


Good work, agent @jlmitch5. I fly out again at 6am on Monday so I’m looking for something relaxing and not too late on the Sunday.


i’m not sure where the raund haus party is this year, but i’ll be doing a short set there.

also way down for a lines meetup if anyone is in!


Sure, I’d be up for it!


I’d be down for a lines meetup too!


dang - i’ll be in Wilkesboro this year for Merlefest. I was surprised that they totally changed the date this year because I usually attend both. Will miss y’all!

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I would be up for a meet up.

Also we are doing a Modular On the Spot Saturday afternoon in the cage! Come on out!

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modular on the spot would be a great place for a meet up - could we all try to attend that one and maybe wear a red rose corsage or something? or maybe we should all post pictures of our faces so we’ll know who to look for hahaha


draw //// on our foreheads.


absolutely go see Eli Keszler, he’s incredibly good live.

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I’ll be playing a set Thursday, 7:20 at the Pinhook. It’s a Monome/Teletype/Ansible/Telex driven setup. Here’s some of the material:

Hope you can make it out! Please say, “Hi.”


just found out the raund haus party i’m playing is also saturday afternoon, at quarterhorse, but i’ll still be able to hit most of MOTS. just a heads up for anyone who was eyeing both.


Seconded! Didn’t see him on the list, but played with him a few years back without really know what he was all about, and it was really well done.

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Just saw you on the schedule! Stoked for your set! Whee!

Also down for a Meetup. We did a super low-key one with three of us… Last year? Two years ago?

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