Moogfest 2019

Ill be there like every year. Wasn’t able to register for a few of the classes I wanted but hoping the waitlist plays out as well as last year.

Not as many particular acts I want to see this time but that means I’ll be learning about some new stuff - even better!

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search for the Moogfest playlist on Spotify. I was pleasantly surprised that many of the acts jelled with my own tastes. I’m really excited for the lineup.


Yup! I definitely did that. Past years I’ve skipped on acts I didn’t know only to find out later they were a great act I was missing. Seeing new surprises is even better than seeing old favorites for the nth time!

Just following up, do you know when you play during the Raund Haus Party on Saturday?

looks like 7:20pm

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Great! I’m 90% sure I’ll be there! I love your backstage modular videos btw :slight_smile:

I am going to hang out at quarter horse arcade until I head over to the Pinhook for @dudadius’s set. I am in a navy blue shirt with an arp 2600 on the front if anyone wants to say hey.

Gonna be at the Pinhook in 30 or so. Warning: extremely drunk.


Dudadius hath murder’d sleep


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anyone else at this micro machines show?

Sitting sort of towards the back of modular on the spot drinking a lacroix if anyone wants to say hey.

i’m here too - i have a light blue backpack

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Leaving for a second, if I don’t see you I’ll be going to the raundhaus thing after

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Planning to swing by modular on the spot shortly…

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Raundhaus is killing it, get over here if you aren’t already.


Agreed (also come say hey, I have a grey backpack on, my name is John)

Grey backpack I’m grey-shirt-with-sunglasses-on-forehead. Looking for you now.

I had a great time at Moogfest and met a few of you. Left with some new friends and plenty of new inspiration, which is always the best take-away from the festival for me.