MOONLIGHTS : a call to piano players

Hi there !
I’ve had this project for a long time, and I feel like it’s the proper situation to make this finally possible.
This projects “Moonlights” consists on several variations around the Adagio of Beethoven’s “Moonlight” sonata.
The main idea is to slow down the piece and superpose it to many takes of itself so it lasts possibly hours. The principle will be very simple : loop each arpeggio for a long while, in your very own tempo and feel. Change to the next only when you hear someone moving to the next (for the performance) or change driven by a Max program (for the installation).

  • This will be done as performance in a room filled with 10-12 pianos.
  • This will be randomly broadcasted inside “dead” pianos, with the face of the player projected on the piano.
  • This will be recorded by 12 pianists, then processed and mixed in binaural. 12 unprocessed version will exist too.
  • This will be mixed in 5.1

here’s the call, if you can spread the word !

You are an amateur pianist (or an experienced one)? You are locked home (or not)? You’d wish to contribute to a participative art installation?

Then follow these guidelines:

  1. Record your piano interpretation of the Adagio from Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata (AUDIO ONLY !).
  2. Take a picture of your face.
  3. Send it all to

A few remarks:

-Your interpretation doesn’t have to be flawless! But simply personal.
-Use the recording material at your disposal. A phone recording on the piano will do the job.
-You are allowing your recordings and photographs to be used in the context of an art installation.
-You can download the music sheet here:
-Spread the word !
-Feel free to ask any question at


I like this!! I don’t have a proper piano near me; is an electric piano fine?

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As written, make it yours !

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in. although a brief siteread suggests I’m gonig to need to practice this because wow my co-ordination is not what it was.

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Thanks for you involvement ! Spread the word !

Looking at the score, I’m not sure I have the chops for it :slight_smile: Will give it a go later anyway.

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Nice idea :slight_smile:

Little question of clarity:

Is this to be done during the recording (when we would not be hearing anyone else playing)? Or should it just be played as written?

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No, just as written !
For the installation : I will do the splitting of all the recordings (!!) and a Max patch will do the rest.

This note was about the performance, which is another story.
(edited the first post for clarity. In fact, for the call on social medias, I didn’t give the details to not confuse people, but I thought people here on lines would be interested).

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