Mordax Data, very useful module

I bought Data so that I didn’t need a 'scope anymore. It serves this purpose very nicely.
Recently I was tuning some oscillators and discovered that Data’s voltage meter and generator state is the only state that can generate offsets which continue when one moves to another state, so the obvious usage would be to generate 4 offsets to send to VCOs and then switch to tuner mode to read the VCO outputs. This works, and so long as you save Data’s state you always have a quick and simple tuning solution. Data’s tuner (unlike some euro modules) is very accurate.
I was just thinking about my quandary regarding the ansible meadowphysics absence of octave control, which makes it difficult to use with the same VCOs as kria, with its 5 octave range. Doepfer’s precision adder could help with this but can only add 3 octave plus the knob, as I recall, but bring Data into the equation and any manner of offsets could be added or subtracted.