(more than) Words. [a thread about writing]


So we’ve got a suggested reading thread, which is fantastic, but it would be nice to have a place where we can post our own writings (similar to the latest tracks/videos threads).


I have something for this!
Don’t worry baby, it’s just Justin…


Lots of words in this thread :slight_smile:


Cross posting from that thread:

my first attempt to translate a poem of mine (just wrote it while listening to the canto ostinato piece posted in the ‘what are you listening to’ thread). no doubt there will be strange sentences or words, but wanted to share it anyway.

canto spection

sadness at the intersection of beauty
the beauty of sadness
of the depth of life

water continues to flow_
rivers continue to meander through the landscape_
mountains continue to rest
stars continue to shine

the sun rises and sets
the seasons
cold and turned inwards
followed by new life and new openings
the interplay of light and dark

whatever__needs to be felt will arise
at its own rhythm and strength
with its own color and depth

sometimes sharp and sometimes blurred_
our perception of ourselves
the world around us
beauty sometimes gone
then again visible in something small
the light on a twig

from moment to moment
from loving to receiving

51 percent giving to the world
49 getting back

the particular way in which each person
oneself is
completely oneself
and carries deep wisdom within


(off topic, but I remember being at a chamber concert and there was a piece called “It’s Britney bitch”, and I was so excited, and then so disappointed…)

But more on topic, here is my biggun piece of writing (PhD Thesis):
Composition, Performance, Improvisation, and Making Things, sitting in a tree : Me, Me, Me, Me, Me, Me, Me


Interesting! Some time ago, I had started a blog about modular music, together with two friends. It’s kind of in a standby situation right now, but some of the articles might still be relevant, since we have a focus on digging down beyond the surface and looking closer at some more fundamental aspects of making music with modulars (together with some more practical topics)

The plan is bring the blog back in the near future! But I won’t promise anything.


Thank you for the listing about the poetry thread! I occasionally experiment with different poetry forms just to see how the language works, and I am notorious for my flippant haiku. It might be fun to post something there.

As for prose, well… I write for a living, so I usually just refer people to my magazine and leave it at that. :slight_smile:


This is a great piece.

I’d never seen the video, but heard the song zillions of times. It always felt like this faux braggadocio, the man who is incapable of healing without taking the perpetrator down with him. Eye for an eye rather than turning an eye inward.

Your analysis really opens this right the fuck up. This hit hard:

What you’re watching is a video made by a person rendered powerless, desperately trying to claim that he is in control. Really you’re watching someone self-soothe, and this is the layer that is infinitely more interesting to me.


The choreography is also indicative of this fantasy – it looks like he’s constantly fighting for control against a gravity he no longer understands. Even when he’s firmly planted on that ledge, he uses the ceiling to support himself. He’s using powers he doesn’t fully grasp yet, as a human and a burgeoning solo artist.

Thanks for sharing this, @Angela!


Thanks man! Damn, I feel like I should have run it by you to get some of these choice lines in! ; ) Next time. I have some thoughts about the UFC, covfefe, and the prototype for the hero within it all…do you follow the UFC by any chance?

(I have possibly asked this before. Related: UFC 213 (the next one) should be good.)


@Rodrigo I feel you ‘liked’ my post because I used nested parenthesis. (You’re always pushing that shit… ; )


I’m in. I don’t, but I’m in.

I’m imagining a UFC thread will likely sprout…


I think @Rodrigo is too modest to post this, but I think this is one of the best things ever! Enjoy:



Finished a new blog post on a piece for skipping CD and drums:


Goes in to lots of detail the background, thinking, and technical implementation (including a bunch of samples and patches/examples).


i love your writing style and clarity
thanks for sharing this!