Morphagene advice

Its might be just me, but I found that the whole modular experience is waaaaaaaaaaay improved but not having a single display, specially important in a small system, focusin on the sound and playin, manipulating it, is way funnier not havin to use my sight.

Just my pesonal experience, may not be the same for you.


Yes! Step 1, record 4 bars of an arpegiated sequence. Step 2, slow the tape waaaaay down. Step 3, into the Morphagene with SOS at half. Step 4-:sunny: knobs knobs knobs.

Very satisfying.


I’ve tried a few scenario’s. This is my last one although i have an erb-verb pending so it might change. I find when working with samples they can sound stale so need some eq - so i tried with a Serge Res Eq which is big but glorious on drum loops especially

another one this time with a DLD taking the big spot


I use Morphagene mostly as a stereo sample player. Following it with a stereo filter - Corgasmatron + Clouds with random module (Verbos) has been a good combo for me


This makes me miss my OP-1 a little bit. Sounds like fun! I did try similar stuff with sending audio from the OP-1 through the slope part on my 0-coast, which was cool. But I had to beef up the signal in Ableton in post. Is the autolevel setting in the Morphagene enough to make the line level from OP-1 hot enough? I do something fairly similar now, but instead of a OP-1 as source I send processed audio stuff from Ableton via my ES-8 module into the Morphagene, with parameters often modulated by Maths and so on. Morphagene is such a fun and useful module.

I haven’t had any issues, but I’m an amateur recording engineer.

Haha, okay. In my experience line level signals is often a little too quiet for the modular, so you have to boost the signal, preferable on the way in. But maybe the Morphagene does that job on it’s own. I think the outputs on my ES-8 is sending signals hot enough anyways.

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It is line level enough to sample from an iPhone or cassette recorder, so I guess it is line level enough for an OP-1. :grinning:


Morphagene continues to be my favorite module as of late. It’s also made me appreciate Phonogene more. I got a piece of advice a few weeks ago that I think is worth sharing…might be obvious to everyone, but it was kind of an eye opener for me - modulate everything. I think I treated the Phonogene as a hand-manipulated module for too long, I started applying randomness and LFO wobbles all over the place and it’s really changed my approach to these two modules completely.


I’m also building out a small case primarily around the Morphagene. Main goal is to be able to run anything through it, but primarily will be running piano compositions to create a more ambient & repetitive layer that I can improvise over.

This is what I’m working towards, but was wondering if anyone had any feedback. I don’t yet have a Wogglebug, but the amount of random options (stepped, smooth, woggle) seemed like a great options with the Morphagene. I’d love it if there was a smaller random module that had similar capability. Also unsure if an LxD will get used much.


Pick one of the many available noise modules, add a sample and hold and a slew and, in tandem with one of the mixer tiles you have, you’ll be pretty much there. Probably won’t use (much) less space (although 2hp do have noise and s&h modules I think) but you’ll have something a little more flexible/multi-purpose which for a small system like this is always useful.

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depending on your case/1U format selection, the Intellijel 1U Noise Tools would fit the bill pretty well.


Interesting. I’m still getting comfortable with combining CV sources to produce results like that, so that didn’t occur to me. It looks like I can cobble those utilities together purely from pulplogic tiles without encroaching on my 3u space at all.


Would 1 of each here suffice (along with a CV mixer), or would it be especially helpful to have two different noise sources?

Yeah, I’m using a pulplogic case, otherwise that would have been where I went with it.

One noise source should be fine. Although it’s nice if that can give you different types of noise.

If it was my case, I’d want more CV control over the various parameters than those tiles will give you. Patching the output of a random module back into one of its CV inputs is something worth exploring.

You might also consider what you’re going to trigger the sample and hold(s) with. I guess Ansible could do that (I’m not really aware of its feature set) or you might consider a CV’able LFO/Clock module.

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Just curious whilst watching
What does the “splices”/“organize” feature give you over just “reel” + “gene”? Just another way to randomize?
It seems to me being able to choose the “reel” and the “gene” would’ve been enough?

You can’t change reels via cv. I think that the reel is loaded into memory, and then organise lets you navigate between splices in real time within that memory. So you could use gene size and slide to pin down a certain part of a splice for a drone, so example, and then use organise to jump splices but stay at the same equivalent position in that splice. So one control navigates splices, the other two/three move within that splice.


You can CV to change reels while in Reel Mode, on MN user manual page 28:

To select a Reel, enter Reel Mode by holding the Splice Button and
pressing the REC Button. While using Reel Mode, it is important to
remove or turn o modulation to REC, Splice, Shift, and Organize.

Note: If no microSD Card is present, then only one Reel may be created, Reel mode cannot be entered.

While in Reel mode, the Organizecontrol and CV Inputs are used to select the Reel that is loaded into the Morphagene.

Hope this help.

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I’m also interested in these small Morphagene setups. I caught a couple of the makes from this thread of small cases. What ones out there do people recommend?


First post, hey everyone! Just got a 54hp zissou case and was going to start with a Morphagene, but the w/ is very tempting especially because of the the size. Thinking something like this! Great thread.image

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Just as a heads-up @Virtual_Flannel, the Intellijel 1u modules are not compatible with the pulplogic cases 1u rows without some modification (I think you’d have to grind down or otherwise reduce the panel height).

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