Morphagene or Phonogene

I suppose it means that I really haven’t tapped into the full potential of Morphagene, but most of what I’ve done with it since I got it is feed it samples of recorded music, mostly isolated instrumentals that I manually “splice” in Reaper using markers before loading it from the SD card. Working in this way, I find the Morphagene and endless fountain of amazing sounds and I never could have used a Phonogene this way so for that alone, I’d save for that Morph.


+1 to the rad CV outs on Morphagene.

It was at the top of my to-buy list (along with Teletype) when I finally pulled the trigger on modular. I have no second thoughts on that. Morphagene is incredible and clearly learned from Phonogene. It is hard to imagine wanting to sell it.

If I were to try to come up with a downside, it’s that the “Morph” knob makes a specific twinkle sound. That sound will be the telltale, “Yeah, they own a Morphagene,” sound. It can be used in a ton of less obvious ways, but the module definitely pokes you to want it to make a characteristic sound. If you don’t like that sound though, you probably aren’t considering it. :laughing:


Many thanks for all the fantastic response. This has confirmed in my mind that the Morphagene will be best for my use case - but the it’s also left me interested to play with the Phonogene at some point. I think there’s a real beauty in the low quality of first generation technologies - perhaps the Phonogene will be the modular equivalent of an early digital camera.


It was announced today that Make Noise has retired the Phonogene:


This is definitely true. While I think the module has a lot of sonic territory, the morph knob tends to provide a pretty similar effect for most samples.

That said, it can sound fantastic.


It was my first eurorack module.





also, if you keep the morph knob/CV in the lower ~half of the range, there is still quite a bit of room to “morph” without the characteristic pitch shifting, which I think is the really distinct aspect.


I just posted something about this in one of the synth forums on Facebook. I had the Phonogene and sold it to buy the Morphagene, but now I am missing the lo-fi weirdness of the PG. Something about that digital dust that it imparts on everything especially when pitched down. I plan on buying another one very soon to pair with MG! Crazy or what?

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So i picked up a Phongene last week. because it was a really good price and I’d always been interested. I’m loving it and the lo-fi dustiness and I’m trying not to think about what I’m missing in the MG. Stereo for me is the main thing but with some nifty patching I’ve got a work around. I’m even thinking about finding another cheap one and maybe having them parallel. But maybe its just a gateway drug to the MG.

Stereo and audio quality are the main things, plus the ability to save and load your reels. Also, the morph thing is pretty cool along with the envelope follower thing. Patch that to the varispeed and you got a broken cassette player sound! :slight_smile:

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You really can get some unique sounds from the Phonogene. There’s no doubt the Morphagene offers more options, but I already have a slew of options in my 12U, and there’s always going to be a new module that expands on the idea. What I like most about the Phonogene is the lofi sound and the front panel playability. It really invites tweaking!


Oh, now that sounds interesting!

Given my existing investment in Phonogene and Morphagene, I don’t think I’m going to jump into w/ immediately, but interested in adding it to this discussion mix.

Phonogene or Morphagene or w/?

w/ strikes me as a deconstructed Morphagene. I love Make Noise interfaces, I think they make very playable modules - both knob twiddling playability and CV controllable (attenuate everything is a design decision that I wish more module-makers followed). I wouldn’t replace a Morphagene / Phonogene with w/…but I never turn down a cool sampler.


the form factor of w/ and playability make it a winner for me. really impressive. but I’m not giving up my Phonogene for it at the moment. I have too many other instruments/modules to learn for the time being

to muddy the water, here is w/ going into morphagene.


Muddy water is modular in a nutshell. Well played.

I love Phonogene’s lo-fi sound, and many of the strange things that can be done with it. I’ll miss the one that I just sold - there’s a tune on an album I recently finished that is just a few minutes of a Phonogene patched and then left alone. Certainly the idea of a stereo version of the module is interesting. But really, I used Phonogene too seldom to keep. Possibly I just didn’t devote enough time to mastering its controls.

Having sold it, I was about to order a Ginko Synthese Sampleslicer, which seemed to me to be able to do the kinds of things I mostly wished to do with Phonogene - only more easily, and with a more rhythmic focus. That 12-bit sound is amazing! I still do intend to buy one, for the DIY kit experience as much as the excitement of using the module itself.

But for now, I decided to put the Phonogene money towards the SDS Digital Reflex LiveLoop and give it a go. I’ll report back when it arrives. Stereo, huge buffer, a great many strange sampling possibilities, cheaper than a Morphagene. Worth a try!


I’m a huge fan of my phonogene! Nothing sounds like it! I was tempted for morphagene but my cash went else where! W/ seams very tempting. I’m planning a 60hp systym. I literally want to be able to fit a modular in my back pack! 2 hp for an amazing sampler! I feel it will do sound very differently to phonogene and morphagene. . Different algorithms, interface, worklow… Morphagene looks amazing but my next sampler will be W/. I couldn’t sell phonogene and get morphagene. Had it soo long it’s an integral part of what I use to write with! I love it’s limited memory! W/ incoming though!

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I have to echo the love for phonogene. The dan thing sounds at times like spliced tape. Morpho has a digital sound. I was having this convo at Control in Brooklyn, and the man working in the shop was waiting for a used one to come in, so he could swap out his Morph. At the end of the day, I have both, but patch with the phono more to make a wall of sound.


I have both and while I love them both, something about the limitations and idiosyncrasies of the phonogene puts that one a little closer to my heart.

The morph sounds gorgeous and will faithfully reproduce what you feed it…I love playing flute lines in and then freeing my hands up while a motif kind of shifts around. But the phono really has its own weird thing going on.

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