Morphagene or Phonogene

Oh, now that sounds interesting!

Given my existing investment in Phonogene and Morphagene, I don’t think I’m going to jump into w/ immediately, but interested in adding it to this discussion mix.

Phonogene or Morphagene or w/?

w/ strikes me as a deconstructed Morphagene. I love Make Noise interfaces, I think they make very playable modules - both knob twiddling playability and CV controllable (attenuate everything is a design decision that I wish more module-makers followed). I wouldn’t replace a Morphagene / Phonogene with w/…but I never turn down a cool sampler.


the form factor of w/ and playability make it a winner for me. really impressive. but I’m not giving up my Phonogene for it at the moment. I have too many other instruments/modules to learn for the time being

to muddy the water, here is w/ going into morphagene.


Muddy water is modular in a nutshell. Well played.

I love Phonogene’s lo-fi sound, and many of the strange things that can be done with it. I’ll miss the one that I just sold - there’s a tune on an album I recently finished that is just a few minutes of a Phonogene patched and then left alone. Certainly the idea of a stereo version of the module is interesting. But really, I used Phonogene too seldom to keep. Possibly I just didn’t devote enough time to mastering its controls.

Having sold it, I was about to order a Ginko Synthese Sampleslicer, which seemed to me to be able to do the kinds of things I mostly wished to do with Phonogene - only more easily, and with a more rhythmic focus. That 12-bit sound is amazing! I still do intend to buy one, for the DIY kit experience as much as the excitement of using the module itself.

But for now, I decided to put the Phonogene money towards the SDS Digital Reflex LiveLoop and give it a go. I’ll report back when it arrives. Stereo, huge buffer, a great many strange sampling possibilities, cheaper than a Morphagene. Worth a try!


I’m a huge fan of my phonogene! Nothing sounds like it! I was tempted for morphagene but my cash went else where! W/ seams very tempting. I’m planning a 60hp systym. I literally want to be able to fit a modular in my back pack! 2 hp for an amazing sampler! I feel it will do sound very differently to phonogene and morphagene. . Different algorithms, interface, worklow… Morphagene looks amazing but my next sampler will be W/. I couldn’t sell phonogene and get morphagene. Had it soo long it’s an integral part of what I use to write with! I love it’s limited memory! W/ incoming though!

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I have to echo the love for phonogene. The dan thing sounds at times like spliced tape. Morpho has a digital sound. I was having this convo at Control in Brooklyn, and the man working in the shop was waiting for a used one to come in, so he could swap out his Morph. At the end of the day, I have both, but patch with the phono more to make a wall of sound.


I have both and while I love them both, something about the limitations and idiosyncrasies of the phonogene puts that one a little closer to my heart.

The morph sounds gorgeous and will faithfully reproduce what you feed it…I love playing flute lines in and then freeing my hands up while a motif kind of shifts around. But the phono really has its own weird thing going on.

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