Mount Vision - Emily A Sprague

hi all. new musical offering to be fully released this saturday for the equinox.
you can pre order digital / cassette on
it will also be available for streaming on release.

a highly spontaneous and spiritual creation for me, and something i am very excited to share now with the world.

for the lines crowd, some gear info is that it was made almost entirely with monome and mannequins instruments and devices. i additionally used a piano, op-1, and bam for reverb.

thx for listening and supporting : )


This is beautiful, thanks for sharing!

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the first track is lovely :slight_smile:

and if i’m reading this right, you recorded on thursday & friday then release it on monday? spectacular! can’t wait to hear the rest.

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Cassette pre-ordered. Love your work, and I’ve been enjoying your Instagram snips. :sparkles::black_heart:

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indeed :slight_smile: i’ve been working on so much music, have so much of it recorded and just sitting, but as soon as i made this everything said yes this is for sharing and it’s a part of this time. then i realized the autumn equinox is this week, which confirmed the date for me because finalizing water memory happened and felt very similarly, and i released that on the winter solstice.


that’s a good feeling to have for real


pre-ordered, looking forward to this! Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:


Preordered. I’ve made much curry listening to the other cassette of yours I possess. I project doing the same with this tape.


Fantastic news! I can’t wait to listen to this :slight_smile:

@claude I think cooking while listening to modular music is the perfect combo to unwind (Water Memory is one of my favourites!) :leafy_green::musical_keyboard:


Excited for this release! I think your music has a special ethereal yet somehow weighty (?) quality and you really stand out from the crowd of people working in this space / with these tools. Listened to the first shared track during my walk home from work and it really colored the familiar space and surroundings in a new way. The equinox release is fitting - what I’ve heard has a kind of autumnal sonic quality to it (which I find hard to define/explain but I love when I encounter it).

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happy fall lines :slight_smile:


Yay for email notification! :blue_heart:

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I was up super early this morning, release day, and the full album wasn’t up yet (it is now). Is there a set time when Bandcamp pre-orders go live each day, or does the artist/label set the time?

bandcamp pre orders don’t automatically release on the release day. releasing the album is something you have to do in the album settings yourself by selecting “release pre order” then all the notification emails go out and the album is live. so i did that pretty much as soon as i woke up :stuck_out_tongue:


Very interesting. Thanks very much for that information — and for such a great record.

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Can’t wait to listen to this today! Thank you for being ever inspiring @stripes.

listened through once. Really beautiful

love fall celebration! sounding great!

A beautiful album! Congratulations on the release!

Nice work as always @stripes

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