Mount Vision - Emily A Sprague


This is really, really lovely. Congratulations @stripes!


Nice birthday present to wake up and find the full release is out. :blush:


Great new works! Just listened to the whole thing while walking the dog.


Finally got to listen. Very excited for the tape now! Such a lovely album. Congrats.


thanks very much everyone :heart: :star:


Been listening to this a lot these past few days, it’s been the perfect soundtrack for the rainy spell we’ve had the past few days in Baltimore. Everything is so rich but the piano pieces are especially amazing. Seriously fantastic album, so impressive that it came together so quickly too.


I had planned on waiting for the tape to arrive before listening… A rainy morning with nothing pressing to do had other ideas. :slight_smile: Beautiful work! Going to start it up again now.


the piano pieces remind me of a less hazy Grouper.


Do you plan to make this available on Apple Music?


yes! the album is uploaded with a host and now its just a few days waiting for all the streaming services to approve and make it live. hopefully by the end of the week :slight_smile:

i had to change the song titles because spotify didn’t like the numbers. so the titles on streaming services will not be numerical but instead “synth one”, “piano two”.

and i was just emailed about needing to verify my identity. a couple hiccups but it’s happening.


20 chars of awesome!


streaming services are live :slight_smile:


lovely work, congratulations on the release :slight_smile:


Very nice indeed! Thanks for sharing :+1:


This is wonderful - with such emotional depth. Thank you!


We have been listening to the album on a loop here, it’s wonderful!


Hi. I see it on Spotify, but I don’t think this is showing up yet on Google Play Music. Do you know when it’ll be there? I want to add it to the Stasis Report playlist I do. Thanks!


I think I didn’t select Google Play when I uploaded the album to distrokid because it’s connected to youtube and they said they would upload the album to youtube which i thought was weird but I just went on and changed it, so it should be up there soon…


Super. Thanks. I’ll add “Synth Two” to the Stasis Report playlist. Much appreciated.


@stripes I really like this record a whole lot. I feel like compositionally a few of these (Synth 2 and 3 especially) bring me back to the couple of times I saw you perform during moogfest. Thank you!