Mount Vision - Emily A Sprague


@stripes we ended up on the same radio show here, I’m honored!


long time lurker, first time poster but I felt inclined to jump in here and give worthy praise

have had this wonderful release on loop for the past few days and it is just amazing, contemplative and downright beautiful work

congratulations and please keep on making your music



Totally diggin your style. Deep and relaxing. Also fond of your songwriting. Great combination. Makes me feel not so alone in doing both songs and ambient excursions…


My cassette arrived in the UK this morning! :slightly_smiling_face:


This album has paired with the changing seasons here in Michigan. Thank you @stripes .


Been playing this over and over… i forget which side is which. The tape sounds great on the stereo, really

echoing what others have said already-- nice work!


Just to say I really enjoyed ‘Water Memory’ having played it for the first time last night. I’ll be sure to go back and grab it off Bandcamp



The acoustic piano parts somehow remind me of David Grubbs’ playing on Upgrade & Afterlife and Arise Therefore… its demeanor, or relaxed (an idle reverie) behavior


thanks emily!

listening to piano 1 while re-arranging my case a moment ago was a genuinely transformative and surreal experience

i’m glad i waited to hear this on cassette cause the track literally snuck up on me and grabbed my heartstrings


thanks everyone <3 so much for the support. this community is no doubt the reason why mount vision exists in the form as we know it and also the reason why i have stuck around here in lines land. much luv


is so good. I really like “synth one”