Mounting a field recorder to a mixer

I have my little Zoom h1n connected to my mixer (Mackie 1202VLZ4) for recording ideas and sketches. But it’s just sitting on my music bench, and I’d love to have it sort of mounted in the air a bit.

My idea is a gooseneck or similar flexible arm, one end would be XLR that I could plug into one of the main XLR outs I’m not using on my mixer, the other would be a threaded camera mount (which the Zoom h1n will accept).

I know I could just get a desk clamp or something, but if I could figure out a way to do this it would be way cleaner.

My searching so far is not turning up much. Thanks!

Hmm forgive me, but how would I go about plugging something like this into an XLR output?

I didn’t look at B&H at all though, I will troll around there, thanks!


Also maybe I need to be 110% clear because this is such a weird requirement. I’m not plugging the audio of the XLR out on my mixer into my Zoom h1n. I actually want to plug the mount into the XLR out.

Sort of similar how those mixer lights that draw phantom power from XLR work…but I won’t need the power.

Wouldn’t it be better to have some sort of clamp mounted to the back or side of the mixer? I would worry that using an XLR input jack as a mounting bracket would lead to disaster.

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I’m willing to be talked out of my dumb idea for sure! Would the disaster be the phantom power situation? Like I accidentally fip on phantom power (I’m not using it currently) and it tries to phantom power something that is just a hunk of metal or something. Yeah that sounds scary.

If so, another option is I could plug it into a spare 1/4" TS port on top.

You would need one hecka big clamp to clamp it to the side of the mixer though, and…I already have one thing clamped to some cables coming out of it (a book light I use to see the mixer in low light) and I kind of am not loving it. It’s just an aesthetics thing, but it matters to me.

I’m not sure audio jacks are particularly suited for holding any kind of weight aloft. I’d be worried it snaps at the base, or snaps out the jack from the mixer, or was always slipping out and the recorder smashes the mixer repeatedly, or worst case scenario, some kind of electrocution incident.

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I getcha. For sure the electrocution thing would be prettty bad, and so that’s a vote against using XLR.

But the Zoom h1n is tiny and weighs only (throws on coffee scale) 90 grams ;P. So not to worried on the stressing the jack front.

So… something like one of these

Then something like this

And then this adapter thing


Oh my god YES. Thank you for indulging my silly idea. This frankenstein’s mount is exactly what I was looking for.

To be extra safe I could then also convert the XLR in the first link to a TS if I was worried about phantom power (although now that I think about it, since I’m plugging into my mixer’s main out that should never provide power).

Wouldnt even worry about it. You just dont wire up the pins to anything.

Have a look at the datasheet if ya like

also here’s another link to that part via mouser if that helps at all

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Thanks a ton!

(20 char of :pray:)

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