Mouse (updated with: usb keyboard + mouse)

What crow output would you like to see? X/Y control on in 1 and 2, 1v/oct + gate pairs for outputs?

I’m going to add crow stuff on a fork at the weekend.


For me it’s just the pattern. I can still manually trigger the sound via my grid. Thanks! Spent a lot of time with this last night, loving the results.

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I like your ideas for how to interface with crow @Oootini.

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I keep wanting to go for e2 and e3 for the axis, would it be simple enough for me to change that in the code and have e1 as division ?

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Yep, believe everything inside of the if n == <blah> can be swapped around without issue. I actually originally started with encoder 2 and 3, but found that my left hand was always covering the screen on my stock Norns, so ending up switching.

FWIW, I’ve been told the encoder 1 and 2 layout is a bit odd for shields. I’m wondering if a param or a simple boolean flag users can edit (use_shield_encoder_layout) would be a good idea. Will look into it for the next update!

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That would be great. Yes I’m on a Shields so that all adds up.

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Had some fun this morning mapping the KP3 to this. Such a fun script, thanks for sharing!


Now there’s a great idea - I hadn’t thought of mapping a KP3 to Norns, but it makes perfect sense and I’ve used one as a midi controller for all manner of synths in the past - cheers for the inspiration!


@StirHouse Sounds great, thanks for sharing! Love the KP as an interface for mouse. I’d like to look into making X/Y coordinates generally MIDI mappable in the future.


I’m really looking forward to checking this script out. Thank you for making this!

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A really great script. I think this would be great mapped by osc to an iPad or iPhone

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i was just about to ask about mapping X/Y!

so i mapped the probability of the X and Y and the Pattern to a MIDI S&H LFO.

was wondering…
when i set the the Clock Division to random…it was only switching from 2x and 4x.
is there a way to have it randomly switch between all 4?

would you be able to add more LFO mappings?

anyhow…Mouse was the focus for last night’s session. :smiling_imp:
it’s controlling a Buchla 208c Command Module along with Cheat Codes 2 and OOOOOO.
also…in the noiz circuit is a horde of Ciat-Lonbarde, Wing Pinger, Rollz-5 and Ouroboros Alea.


Mouse was the focus for last night’s session. :smiling_imp:

Awesome video @SPIKE! Sounds amazing.

Makes me wish I could control my DPO with Mouse, need to get some type of MIDI => CV device first though…

when i set the the Clock Division to random…it was only switching from 2x and 4x.
is there a way to have it randomly switch between all 4?

I found that toggling between 2x and 4x was the most musical sounding (8th and 16th notes). Maybe this is a new param I should add (wild or musical setting :wink:).

would you be able to add more LFO mappings?

Any ideas here? I kept it mostly mapped to sound targets, thinking hands-on control would be best for notes/clock and closer to the original Music Mouse concept. It could be fun to modulate X, etc. though - wonder how that would play with the clock system. Need to give it a think but I like the idea!

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Cools sounds. And cool video what was that made with?

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Further updates to my MIDI mappable version - in this one I’ve got the KP3 slider mapped to the note range of the scale (fully down = an octave of range) and the knob above it controls octave transposition plus or minus 5 octaves

It’s also using the ‘wild’ LFO range :wink:

mouse_mappable.lua (23.4 KB)

Here’s the revised version if you want to play. You can ignore the parameter ‘note_mode_toggle’ - i was testing out a design where you can adjust both octave transposition and note range with a single mapped CC based on whether the ‘Hold’ button on the KP3 is enabled. However, I decided that the FX Depth knob is better as a dedicated octave transposition control



yeah! a wild setting would be great!
or…a way to set a range of 2, 3 or 4.
2 being what is already there. (divisions 2 and 3)
3 could be 1-3 and 4 would be 1-4 wild.

being able to map X/Y(of course), Clock Division, turn on and off voices
maybe even scale or root note? :slight_smile:

oh yeah…
any chance we could also get MIDI start and stop? :partying_face:

i use a horde of vid synth doodads…
both audio and video is performed live.
in this vid…
i’m using Structure modules, Eyesy and an Entrancer mixed and composed with a VR-3EX.

Just pushed a new version of mouse - grab the update on Maiden!

New in this version:

  • Bugfix for patterns triggering out-of-MIDI-bounds notes. Now, these notes are skipped instead of crashing the pattern sequencer.
  • shield layout mode. See below for details…
  • PSET slot 1 is auto-loaded on startup. Save your own defaults here.

shield mode switches behavior of the Norns encoders to make things more ergonomic on a Norns Shield. In this layout, encoders 2 and 3 will control X and Y, while encoder 1 controls the clock. There are no changes to alt-mode.

Enable shield mode by going to the MOUSE parameters page and setting encoder layout to shield. To make this the default at every launch, save the change in PSET slot 1.


etch-a-sketch unlocked, thank you :handshake:


excellent i shall give this a whirl now. I noticed yesterday when sending Midi notes in to Ableton from Mouse that when I reduced the probability it only seem to affect voice 1 and 2, 3 and 4 passed fully even when Probability was way down, at least that what seemed to be happening.

Also i wondered if a future update might allow for separate midi channels for each voice ? I’m greedy i know.

other thoughts i had about expanding the functionality of this amazing device, as previously mentioned creating user patterns, additional clock divisions x3 etc, separate clock divisions per axis, allowing the x and y parameters to be midi mappable

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Hey everyone, new input system is here thanks to @Oootini! :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:


  • adds USB keyboard and mouse support!

Mouse controls X/Y coordinates…

Keyboard mappings here…

A S D F G  - selects patterns 1 - 5
1 2 3 4    - voice 1-4 enable/disable
SPACE      - toggles pattern playback
TAB        - toggles melody/pairs mode
ENTER      - random rate modulation
J K L ;    - select clock division rates
↑ ↓ ← →    - transpose X/Y cursor 
RIGHTSHIFT - toggle speed mod