Moving to San Diego

Hi guys. My wife is starting a new job in San Diego in January. I’m going to move out there too sometime between February and May.

So what’s going on in San Diego? We won’t know anyone there!

Any software developers in SD on here? The job market looks pretty different there compared to Cincinnati. I could use some advice.

I know someone who works at the contemporary art museum. DM me and I can introduce you two. He’s in a band called Necking.

Hi! Welcome to Sandy Eggo. :slight_smile:

We have a pretty cool electronic music scene. Look for Open Oscillator at (usually) The Whistle Stop in South Park every other month (on average), live electronic shows at Kava Lounge north of downtown, Stay Strange events (noise and loud stuff!), the local Modular On The Spot franchise, and lots of other one-off events around town.

I do live sound for shows at the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego, what a coincidence @lazzarello–have we met?

I loved that place in my visit to California recently.
I hope your new job goes well there!

Is there much of a tech scene there?

Awesome, that’s a great band name!

You are getting me a little more excited about the move. I’m so used to electronic music being more of an internet thing. Im excited to check those places out.

I really don’t know lol, I’m pretty sure it couldn’t be much smaller than in Cincinnati.

We have been moved in for a couple of weeks now. Looks like there is an open oscillator tonight I’ll check out. Thanks again for the info!

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