"MP3" players in 2018


I miss my 250gb Zune. No, seriously. The Windows software was almost as bad as iTunes – but the third generation of the hardware felt and sounded fantastic.

At the time it was stolen from my office (which I’m still bitter about) the world was in that awkward period when nobody was making hard disk MP3 players anymore, larger amounts of flash memory were still prohibitively expensive, and I wasn’t ready to embrace streaming yet. I’m glad we’ve moved on from there, but I still kind of think we went the wrong way.

I miss the sound of a hard drive whirring to life in my pocket :wink:


@sellanraa - sorry to read you had a bad experience with the M6. The X5 has been fine for me. I’m still very happy with it. Really no issues since I posted a while ago further up the thread. It’s been used on two Mac laptops (both 2009 models) running 10.8 and 10.10 without problem. I just plug it in via usb, the SD mounts as a drive and I drag the music over in the Finder.
I found ejecting the SD slightly fiddly at first as the card sits quite a long way in and there’s not much to push on (it helps to have a slightly long finger nail). But it’s what I think of as the standard spring loaded push it in to eject mechanism. Now I have the knack it’s no problem though.


The Zune’s squircle pad really was a joy to use. I’m getting so sick of waiting for Spotify’s app to load that maybe I’ll dig my old Zune HD out later… The HD was such a slick little trapezoidal slab of alien technology. Too bad about the software :laughing:


Cool, well, if this Sony doesn’t do the job (that will hopefully arrive today), maybe my 3rd and final try will be an X5 before giving up and accepting that I’ll just have to harvest iPod classics for the rest of my life :slight_smile:


Hopefully the Sony works out for you.
We have a Sony at work (don’t know the model) and it seems to do the job well the couple of times I’ve used it. Straightforward drag and drop.


Yes it works just like a regular USB stick. I don’t know about other FIIOs but this one works like that.
When it came out it had a bit of a wonky jogwheel implementation and gapless playback didn’t work. Fortunately they did sort out all the issues with subsequent updates.
The only things I can complain about is that the device remounts itself after you eject it from the Finder (so you need to be quick with unplugging it) and that their slogan isn’t really gramatically correct :smiley: