MPC-like midi control

i’ve been out of the scene for a long time. i’m working on ways to get the 64 back into my workflow.

i’m looking for a way to use the 64 as basically a 64 button midi controller with assignable note values and note-repeat funcitonality. many of the apps i’ve checked out come really close, but either fall just short (or have functionality i missed)

the simple monome_midi_64 is the closest. i’d like the buttons to light when i press them. i’d also love MPC-style note repeat. 64fingers and even the old npc seem to do these things, but I only want midi out. i like to do all the sample handling inside my plug-ins. (64 fingers says it does midi out in the docs, but i can’t figure it out. from what i can tell, it does midi-out, but not keyboard style like i’m thinking)

i bought max 5 when i bought my monome, but i’ve now been eclipsed and can’t edit most current projects. upgrading and creating my perfect app is a possibility, but i can’t shake the feeling that i’d be reinventing the wheel.

I’m pretty sure insanity is what ur after, except without note repeat. The app of course, not a state of being. Open it in the pages app and u have pattern recorders.

Also, I believe 64 fingers sends out midi note data. Check the settings.

thanks so much. insanity does look it it should handle the note sending side of the equation (minus note repeat), however i get no serialosc “connect” box. forgive my confusion regarding serialosc, i was on monomeserial the last time i used the device. it’s quite possible there’s just something i don’t know. i get the “connect” box in other apps (polygome, 64 fingers) so i presume it’s all set up correctly.

regarding 64fingers, i can enable “sequencer output” in the settings, but every button sends a C-2 note, with no apparent way to edit.

I see… I jumped into monome world in 2013 and serial osc was already established. All the resources exist on the old monome site with instructions. I’m pretty sure it’s just a matter of running the serial osc installer and putting some scripts in specific max directories. It’s pretty straightforward. If you don’t see your device listed you most likely don’t have serial osc installed. If ur on Windows you will need bonjour installed as well.

64fingers midi out I never used but but it does seem fixed to specific range.