MS-20 sharing and discussion thread


Randomly stumbled upon this paper the other night, A Study of the Korg
MS10 & MS20 Filters
by Timothy E. Stinchcombe, which is relevant to this thread and possibly of interest to a few of you:


:heart_eyes: very relevant to my interests, thank you!


Seconding the leaky, noisiness of the ms-20. I was shocked at the noise it spits out even with a clean patch, but it’s really so characterful it more than makes up for it. It was my first analog synth, so I was kind of looking for something rough as an antidote to the clinical sounds I was getting from vsts. Predictably became a gateway drug.


I sold the first synth I ever bought - the MiniBrute (which I bought after watching the Geoff Barrow video that Mylar Melodies made!) - to finance an MS20 Mini recently and it’s the best decision I’ve made, despite my sentimental attachment to the Brute (and the great sound). The MS20 feels “real” which is a stupid thing to say and I can’t explain any better than that, I’m afraid! I’ve had Moogs and a few other things (currently I have a couple of Werkstatts which I’m seeking to modify sometime soon) and the MS20 Mini feels like it belongs alongside them - offering something different to the sound of the Moog oscillators and filters whilst having comparable gravitas.

Ezra Buchla made an interesting reference to the MS20 Mini in his interview for the Sound+Process podcast:

“Do whatever’s easiest and most accessible to you. Don’t think that you have to buy this and that because that’s what people are talking about online - that’s crazy. If you like playing with computers, then play with something on the computer. If you don’t want to see a screen - which is completely legitimate - then get an MS-20 or something. Korg made an MS-20 Mini and it’s cheap - you can get one… and it does a lot. It costs the same as the case and power supply for your new Eurorack, right? And I would be extremely sceptical of someone who claimed thay they’ve already done everything they can do with the MS-20 so now they have to get some more shit. It just depends what your interested in. If it’s about not spending money and making the sounds now and that’s the kind of sound then that’s what you should get: the cheap thing that makes the sound!”


There’s a play list of loads of videos created solely with the MS-20. If I ever reach the point where I think I’ve exhausted the sound, I’ll revisit these and remind myself that I haven’t!


I learned a lot about synthesis from messing around with MS-20 softsynths years back, had a go on a real one once or twice and probably will get the Mini some day :slight_smile: It doesn’t make much to achieve instant Merzbow on them. :smiley:


That guy is amazing - I have so many patch sheets from taking screen shots of his patches - he’s been doing them for years it seems


He puts up photos of each patch on his blog, it seems - links are in each video. What an absolute hero! I wish I knew even a tenth of what he knows about the MS20!


This thread led me to this site…



I need to lock myself away for a few weeks with only my MS20 Mini, those patch diagrams and some form of recording device!