MTD - stereo multi tap delay for norns mother

Multi Tap Delay (MTD)

A parallel pair of BPM divided multi-tap delays that may be mixed left to right for complex evolving stereo delays

Requirements :

norns, DIY norns, Fates, external input sound source


A powerful multi-tap delay adapted from Hans Roel’s abunch archive:

Norns knob functions (written on Fates - which has 4 knobs): knob 4 is accessed by holding button 3 and turning knob 3

knobs 1 and 2 Left Delay multipliers
knobs 3 and 4 Right Delay multipliers

Hold Button two and you access 4 more parameters

knob 1: feedback
knob 2: BPM
knob 3: Wet/Dry mix
knob 4: left->right delay mix


Download the zip folder from my github and place it in your \norns\we\sidekick\patches\Organelle folder. Refresh the menu so it shows the “install zip file” option and select it. You may now select the patch from the sidekick patches [organelle] directory.


v1.0.0 -


It is a stripped down version of the Enjoy Electronics REmindER