Mudlogger - In Blue (Serge Modular album)


I really like the album. It might even push me to take the plunge and start buying stuff on BC.

Thanks for writing so much and posting the videos.

That’s so true, and strange. Seems like there’s an interesting discussion there on how the choice of system affects that - the shift of eurorack away from modular music in this form.


I’m too deep into Eurorack at this point and realistically will never have the resources of time, money and bandwidth to delve into other systems… but I love this kind of music… so my hope is to find ways to get as close as possible to this kind of vibe using Eurorack plus other things I have like Ableton and iOS and ms-20…

I really love what Mlogger is doing with his Eurorack rig, mostly what I see on instagram… the sound is different but the approach seems related… any albums of that in the works?

Thanks for your music and great generosity!


Thanks @eblomquist

I[quote=“eblomquist, post:22, topic:19692”]
any albums of that in the works?

Yes, one of isms/eurorack ones is mastered and will be released soon.
I just want to leave sufficient space between albums.
It’s a completely different sound / song style and mix of genres.
I will be releasing a lot of stuff this year.


I look forward to hearing it!

Do you have any suggestions for approaching a Serge vibe with Eurorack? Seeing as you have both, I would guess you might be more aware of the differences between them, but how would you turn that around and see their similarities?


The biggest difference is you need to get a lot of stackable cables. Serge stuff is really designed for stackable and cross patching, audio and cv is the same and can be mixed unlike Buchla. Just patching in a eurorack type way with an occasional stackable, won’t get you there, without stacking. That’s the biggest difference between 4u and Euro - banana cables. Everything goes everywhere, inputs and outputs can be mixed, in some cases, audio and cv is treated the same. It encourages you to create cv and audio feedback patches. The other thing is many of the modules can be used as oscillators. Envelopes, Filters, Wave Multipiers, Res Eq, SSG can all be used as sound sources. Pretty much the whole system is a source source in 1 way or the other.

I look at the CV side first and the arrange the sound around the CV. I work backwards when patching Serge compared to Euro. I start with the DUSG’s, not the oscillators. So for me, it’s about the control and manipulation of the CV, triggers and gates. The finer control you have of that, the more interesting sounds are generated, even with the most basic oscillators. Boring things like CV mixers, attenuators, logic, envelopes are more important than the oscillator. The heart of most of those patches start around 4 envelopes being cross modulated.

There’s Randomsource Serge modules which are all identical and sometimes enhancements to the STS 4u, and superb quality. The pcb’s and components they use are a cut above many manufactures. Serge Tcherepnin is the chief innovation officer since November . I have built a VariQ, Wave Multipliers, Variable Slope, Res Eq eurorack modules. So that would be the best way. Everything modulewise is there at Randomsource, except for the analog Freqency Shifter (Cwejman FSH-1?). So the biggest difference is the the way you patch it. I would focus more on the CV modulation side.

The patches I did for the album are based around, 3 x DUSG panels (3 Maths or 3 Rampage that go into audio range). I just saw Frap tools Falistri and that looks to me, very close to a DUSG also. Also I use an SSG (use a Sample+Hold+Noise module or Toppobrillo Sports Modulator is superb), 3 x VariableQ (State Variable) filters that self oscillate and are pinged (something like a Twin Peak Filter, 3 Sisters, Toppobrillo Multifilter). A noise module with pink and white noise out like Quantum Rainbow v2. Wave Multipliers and a ring modulator. I also use a Crossfader VCA and have 2 different patches on either side that I fade between for shifting changes. It’s something I do a lot when playing live. A CV mixer for mixing all the DUSG envelopes - something like 4ms SISM, CV Tools, Some sort of touch controller that triggers a sequence of voltages, like 2 x Pressure points. A logic module with at least one XOR output. You need very clean, high spec VCA’s with a lot of gain and headroom.

Hope that helps


Excellent place to start exploration from! Thanks so much! Perhaps I will post my modular grid and request suggestions based on what I already have rather than accumulating ever more modules… I’ve got a weird collection based on the way I built the rig, including two maths, two optomixes, two moddemixes and a rene 1and 2!

Plus a pretty full complement of Mannequins …

This is exciting!!!


Also VCV rack is great for trying out quick patch ideas without the cost.
It can also help out in choosing certain modules types that you don’t have and didn’t realize you needed, like logic and Cv mixing.

The Grackler type patches are something like this quick and dirty patch in VCV although I don’t use it too much

This is a Serge Grackler style patch by Antonio Tuzzi after seeing one of my YouTube Serge patch videos (VCV rack Facebook group)


Interesting post. Perhaps you can help illuminate the one big question I have when I look at Random*Source full panels: are the crossfaders the main VCAs?


I don’t have 4u Randomsource but looking at the Mantra panel - yes, that cross fader would be the main Fast/Clean VCA’s with a shared gain pot. Also you have a VCA in the Active Processor (ACPR).
In the La Bestia v2 there are 2 in the Stereo Mixer but you can also use top section of the wave multipliers as a linear VCA in lo mode. You can also use the transient generators and the smooth generator to process signals, but this is essentially filtering, not level control.


Wonderfully inspiring thoughts, thanks


I’ve just started using VCV Rack in earnest, and am already finding my way to some very strange patches that seem to me to approach the Serge vibe!

I’m really excited to be able to explore this area in a free or low cost environment, although I suspect that it will lead inevitably to additional Eurorack expansion!


Ok, thanks for the insight. Can I ask how many rows your Serge is and how many dedicated VCAs or crossfaders it has? My euro cases always have 4 and sometimes have 20 or more (vca matrix, frames, blinds… can add up fast)

I really enjoyed the album by the way, especially Letter Box Thief


Thanks, glad you are enjoying the album :slight_smile:
There are 4 panels worth and there are 7 VCA’s. I understand what you are saying about the minimal amount of VCA’s compared to what you are doing in Eurorack. I think that has been done by design. West Coast synthesis typically isn’t heavy on dedicated VCA’s. Modules are usually multifunctional. You use other modules like DUSG, SSG, VariQ, Wave Multipliers, Ring Modulators and mixers. If you look at Buchla it’s the same with the 292 (4 vca’s/vactrols) in a 12wls. If you get a Serge system, your patching techniques change because that’s the system. If you look at a typical Makenoise or Verbos system and you can see how many dedicated VCA’s there are, its very similar, not many dedicated VCA’s, but I’m pretty sure that’s by design also.
It is the reason why I enjoy working with systems from the same manufacturers. There is an overall philosophy around a system created by a designer. Mannequins and Monome have it, Makenoise, Verbos, Livewire, Harvestman have it.


Had a bit of insomnia tonight, so re-listened to the collection. Must say that there is a lot buried. Textures and patterns. All inspired.


I posted my rig, would be most grateful for any ideas…


For general Serge technique chat we should head back to Serge thread so that all this great info is easy to find later :slight_smile:


This thread is currently my favorite internet thing.