Mudlogger - Monome ISMS / Whimsical Raps LP

This is my new monome isms album - Kubota. Released on March 30th and limited edition chrome cassette (ships @April 23rd), as well as on all major streaming services.

YouTube video links so far (there will be 8) :

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“Kubota” refers to Kubota Corporation and is a tractor and heavy equipment manufacturer based in Osaka, Japan. I live in the rural countryside in North East Thailand and they are sometimes referred to as Iron Buffalo. Rich farmers buy them. Less rich farmers rent them. Poor farmers use the real thing. I see them everywhere, the machines and the animal.

During 2018 I played gigs in Bangkok primarily as preparation for a final gig at the end of the year, at the Tokyo Festival of Modular. It was my ambition to visit Japan and play Tokyo. Throughout that year, I composed tracks on a monome isms, hybrid analog / digital eurorack modular system, primarily so they could translated and played live. I tested them out live before formally recording.

The system below is what I used.

This isn’t a live album, it’s an album of very well rehearsed songs which I recorded in a series of live, one take, performances. Errors and mistakes are deliberately left in the mix. No post edits are made. There is no multi-tracking. Everything was recorded to 1 stereo track and then professionally mastered.

Enjoy :slight_smile:

The album will also be available on all streaming services including Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Google Play, YouTube Music, Amazon, Pandora, Deezer and Tidal.

Composed and Performed by Jason Taylor
Mastered by Timothy Stollenwerk at Stereophonic Mastering

Thankyou to the Teletype coders : Scanner Darkly, Ghost, Johnathan F Lee, Dan Derks and Brian Crabtree. Also thanks to Nathan Moody at Obsidian Sound and John Melcher.


wonderful news! excited to hear the whole album when it’s released.

listening through the preview tracks now and just have to say, the second half of Kubota is absolutely stunning. wowowow. what is happening there??

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congrats! preordered! love all of your buchla and serge work but this one really hits me in the gut. Continental Shift is so good… TT scripts are forming in my head as i listen :nerd_face:

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Thanks for sharing @mlogger! Preordered. The tracks sound so damn incredible! Gotta listen to this one with some good speakers. :speaker::speaker::speaker:

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Thanks Dan, its a monk chanting in the local temple that I recorded on my iPhone. There’s a small clip here. Appreciate your support thank you!

It’s this

Plus this


Thankyou! I think this album is much more melodic, which you will definitely hear in the other tracks, and much more commercial sounding, compared to my other work. It’s the polar opposite of the Serge improvised, abstract stuff.

There’s Teletype (Grid Ops), W/, Just Friends all over this album, and I’m pretty much using a different monome sequencer in every track. It’s interesting if you can spot stuff when the hear the full album. You will be able to spot W/ a mile away, as I’m live looping and pitch shifting sequences on a few of these tracks .

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Thank you for preordering and glad you like the tracks! It really means a lot. I took some time finding the right guy to do the mastering also as I’m am incredibly fussy about it sounding a certain way.

I also made sure the tapes were done professionally by a reliable company and it had to be chrome, with real time dubbing, done on decent Nakamichi’s as I’m a bit of an audiophile geek!


Preorder is up for chrome cassettes on my new album Kubota - shipping @April 23rd.
Cassettes are $8, WW shipping $7.


What model of pelican case are you using? The setup seems fantastic.

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So excited for the release, love your work @mlogger

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It’s a Pelican 1700 and I just hand cut the spaces. It gets checked in and goes in the hold, on flights.

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Thankyou! Appreciate your comments on Instagram also. Glad to a cassette tape out for the first time.

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I really love all of the circling synth melodies, and even though the timing is very rigid with them, there’s an organic feel and you can really hear that it was played by hand. The various voices also come together in really cool ways. Very inspiring listen, excited for the tape!

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Thankyou, glad you like it :slight_smile: I think it’s a very melodic album and I think it’s down to using the monome sequencers and Whimsical stuff. The tapes should ship @23rd April.


Really enjoying this. I believe I hear some of my fugetta sequencer on there. Great work! :slight_smile:

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Thank you, yes Fugetta is on the first track - Continental Shift :slight_smile: I pretty much use a different monome sequencer for each track.

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The tapes have arrived and i will be shipping them out over the coming days - I have 6 copies remaining for anyone interested - $15 including WW shipping -


Can’t wait to receive! Think this is the first chrome tape I’ve seen for sale/bought in the past 3 years of collecting.

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Sold out! fantastic - thankyou everybody :slight_smile:

Btw - I have never done a self released tape run before, so I learned a lot, especially from the cassette release thread here on lines. I was not really sure how many to make, and thought 25 would be OK, but increased the order to 50. I was a little worried 50 was too much. So thankyou all for buying, it means a lot.


This is great! Are you able to comment on the process of what went into preparing the tracks for mastering? Like was there lots of planning that went into eq and levels prior to recording, or was that primarily done by ear during the performances? Thanks in advance!

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