Muldiv: aleph scaling acrobatics

figuring out the correct settings isnt always difficult…but at times i’m uncertain: can i merely adjust min max & step? or do i need to use mul and div?

this is where i tend to hit a wall while attempting things in bees and i am currently trying to control values for pre0 and pre1 via the encoders

Well why don’t you use a couple of BIGNUM operators, to figure out the relation between your knob and the resulting pre0 value, for instance? Then it’s just a matter of adjustments indeed. There isn’t much to be confused with if you just check the results visually. Also if you’re using delta from the encoders, you will need a MUL afterwards, to replace the step value - I do that a lot.

Edit: my mistake, you can do that for the encoder, but not for the pre0 (it’s in the input section, therefore it can’t be sent to a BIGNUM). You can still use one bignum on ENC0 with a step value of 16, and switch regularily to see the end result. Not so bad, I’d say.

Juct checked it anyway: Pre0 will accept values from 0 to 32767, so it’s a 1:1 scaling. You may just send your encoder’s value directly.

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i usually find i want to increase the STEP value of the encoder though. otherwise it can take ages to rotate it… (e,g if you want to drop it to INF ver quickly)

thanks gents
was gonna delete the thread cause i figured it out this morning

mustve just needed sleep