Multi effect pedal for vocals

Hi guys!
I have a problem. I’m looking for the ultimate multi effect pedal that would be suitable for vocals but every multi effect pedal for vocals that I’ve found is so boring. In my dream world the pedal would be like this:

  1. Many different effects! (edit. I’m an electro acoustic composer so I like to fuck up sounds :))
  2. (At least) four hit buttons for combining different effects.
  3. Buttons and knobs for these four selected effects to play with live.
  4. Programmable delay to make fun patterns.

The closest I’ve gotten to this is an old guitar pedal I’ve got (Zoom G3) but it makes a lot of noise when played with vocals and also there are way to many distortion effects that I’m not that interested in.

Is the ultimate multi effect pedal for vocals out there and I just happened to miss it? I really don’t think this is asking for much :’^))))

(Also, if you happen to know any other multi effect pedal that isn’t too noisy so it could be played with vocals that’s also great!)

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I’ve recently been on the lookout for good vocal pedal for a friend, and I’m pretty interested in Maw by Old Blood Noise Endeavours.

I don’t think it satisfies all of your criteria, but it still looks rad. The ability to add more effects using the send and return makes it pretty flexible if you’re willing to add more pedals.



Not sure if they’re out of your budget, but an option is the guitar modeler/multieffects pedals like the Line 6 Helix or Neural DSP Quad Cortex. I think the QuadCortex even has XLR inputs for mics. Ignoring the guitar-focus (lots of distortion and amp/cab models) they’re virtual pedal boards with a lot of effects and routing options.

Or if you want something to use with your own mix of effects pedals, there’s the Revival Electric Synapse:


I’m not familiar with the G3, but if you’re plugging a mic directly in without using a preamp that could be the reason for the noise. When you boost a quiet mic signal you’re going to raise the noise floor along with it, and this would be an issue with any pedal that doesn’t have a mic input with enough gain.

I know TC Helicon has a line of vocal fx pedals, but can’t attest to their quality.

If you’re open to programming, something like a norns and a midi controller could be the most flexible option.


I bought a MAW a month or so ago to get audio into my MPC and Norns shield. I power it with one of those USB->9v power supplies, I have an Audix i5 mic, and I find that setup a little noisy/interferency for looping, which is my main interest ATM. The effects are good, though.


Kaosspads are exiting for vocals. Control motion of effect parameters can be recorded and it has moderate support for sampling. Dirty and noisy thou but unique in their own right.


I have a TC Helicon voicelive play and it is super boring unfortunately but I’ve been interested in the Perform-VE. Biggest problem is that it doesn’t have any knobs and stuff for playing around live in an easy way. It’s very compact. A trend I’m noticing in voice pedals :^(

I’m not familiar with norns. Very interesting. I’ve been working with max but having a lot of effects would be too much for it. Will look into norms tho

Options like Empress Zoia, Poly Effects Beepo, and Mod Devices stand out as worth considering too.

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Yesss!! I just found them yesterday. Can’t decide if Beebo or Zoia will be best for me tho but leaning towards Beebo right now. But also, everyone seems to be in love with Zoia?

An iPad with Turnado would do everything you want. It’s perfectly useable with the screen operating the effects in X/Y pads but it’s also dead easy to map it to a midi controller

TC Helicon makes a line of made for vocals stompboxes, looper etc. There are quite a few but since they are designed for microphone users you might find something that is useful.