Multiple instance version of FLIN

Hi all,

Maybe this will be old-hat, not sure. I worked on the FLIN patch for MaxMSP recently.

I wanted a version that would allow multiple instances to run simultaneously, controlled by a single controller.

It will just shift the focus to whatever instance you currently have selected, this will also be reflected on the controller interface refresh, but all other instances keep running in the background. I’ve been running up to 8 simultaneously with no issues.



Thanks for that. Even if I didn´t get my grid yet I like to examine grid patches :o) …

seems that there are some objects missing:

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@reijo thanks!!! It’s been a while since I packaged Max stuff. I exported the patch project properly now and reup’d all the files to the repository.

You should dump anything you had and give it another shot now, it should work. If not let me know!

I’d be curious to hear how you like it or if you have any changes to suggest!


looks good now! thx a lot!!!

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