Multiple instances of serialosc, normal?

So, pretty often when connecting the monomes, both my old 40h, 64 grid and arc, I need to head into the activity monitor or use the terminal to end some processes of serialosc, seems like it runs multiple instances and sometimes one of them ends up consuming a lot of cpu (happened just minute ago, four instances of serialosc, one of them at 99.2% cpu usage). Is multiple instances normal? Any solution to this? Installed latest serialosc, don’t have any serialosc.maxpat installed in max library as this makes it impossible to connect the monomes to older patches I sometimes like to run (like grainstorm and tml).

Seems like it’s running two instances if nothing is connected, three if one is connected and four if two devices are connected. Just getting ready for more monomes I guess.

But, this hiccup with 99% cpu usage, any ides what could cause it? Or could it just be old patches with older versions of serialosc.maxpat that isn’t happy with newer serialosc?

download 1.4:

you should be good.

Thanks, seems like it’s running perfectly right now. Only weird thing is that to open tml035 i need to open tml026 first, close it, then open up tml036 again. Then it works perfectly. Running Max 7.