Multiple midi controllers on a single computer / session

Hello fellow line members, I’m currently in the process of helping a friend putting together a sort of installation / happening, where we’d need to have people (around 16 of them) use launchpads and/or launchcontrols to control various parameters and tracks in a single session on a single computer. Have any of you tried connectin more than ten controllers on a single computer? What are the typical pitfalls I should consider? Does it generate more latency and what kind of hub should I look for to draw enough power for all the launchpads?

I’m asking here because I seem to recall some of you use grids and launchpads for educational / artistic installation purposes and I guess in those settings it can happen to need such a setup, so feel free to enlighten me on the matter!

With midi over usb, you’re probably not going to run into any issues (especially if you use a usb3 hub), but, it is possible to hit the upper limit of bandwidth that a system’s usb infrastructure can support.

I hit that point in 2009 on a Linux system by trying to stream and process video from 4 or 6 webcams at the same time. Theoretically, streaming video should be way more data than usb midi though.

I don’t have any particularly good insight re: hubs and power other than that you’ll probably want to keep the topology flat (i.e. plug hubs directly into the computer, not into other hubs).

Sounds like a fun project

Thanks! I think midi is way less demanding than video indeed, still wonder if 16 launchpads + a sound interface and a push wouldn’t kind of reach the max. As for keeping the topology flat, it makes sense although it means I need a MASSIVE hub. Do any of you have favorite / reliable, USB hub recommendation for 8 or more connectors?

No point in using USB 3 hub: the Launchpads are all USB 2 or 1. 3 will give you no advantage (as 2 or 1 run over 3 runs as just a USB 2 channel) and 2 is way faster than you need anyway.

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I’ve had really good luck with Anker USB hubs, with the exception of my Focusrite Scarlett audio interface, which is far more stable without any hub. The Scarlett crashed frequently when used with a hub.


I run about 15 USB devices off my Thunderbolt Display at home, connected through 2 other daisy chained USB hubs. One of them is a 10 port MIDI interface. Also connected is my 32 channel sound card via thunderbolt to the display. No problems of any kind.


Good to know, I was looking at Ankers hub actually! For the interface it will be connected directly so that won’t be an issue :slightly_smiling_face:

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