Multitrack / standalone recorders

I love the OP-1 tape, but I feel like a few more tracks would provide some safety! Recently recorded live over and over myself to get drums nailed, and left the room sweating!

What do you all use for non computer recording? Just want some basic recording capability, I don’t need anything fancy. Thinking a little Tascam may work but always up for different and obscure suggestions.

I’d love to go to tape if I can find something that would do the job and is aesthetically pleasing. Like a small reel to reel.

Wish somebody made a Eurorack 4 track.

I own a Tascam 414 mkII and a Fostex R8! I use the Tascam as my main unit for my solo project. Everything pass through it and I really love its lofi character…in the meanwhile I use the R8 as a “mastering” machine to give tracks the tape-like eq…sometimes I make loops with it. On the eurorack side you should look to the MN Morphagene which is a great tape-like looper!!!

olympus ls-p4 for the good old two track recording in my pocket, Zoom f4 for few more tracks and Cymatic Audio Utrack 24 for the master task.

The way I solved it is to repurpose an old crappy eeepc as a multi-track recorder. I have a K-Mix, which is my main mixer, but also doubles as a multi-channel audio interface. This is connected to the eeepc running linux and Ardour. Whenever I want to record I just power up the netbook and start Ardour with a project that already has all the tracks and the inputs set to the various channels of the K-MIx.
It’s not the same thing as a dedicated hardware unit, and certainly doesn’t have the charm of tape, but it does the job and gives me a lot of flexibility.
Ardour is totally overkill of course, and it doesn’t even entirely fit into the small screen of the eeepc. Better would be a more low-level solution that runs in the command line via SSH, so I could just use a Raspberry PI attached to the K-mix.
But so far I haven’t been able to find anything that would work for me and tbh, the above solution just does the job anyway. I’m sure one could also use some iPad app to do the same, but I like how I can just attach a USB key to the eeepc, or copy files via SSH.
Whenever I want a more tape-y approach I can hook up my Yamaha MT4X to the AUX sends (it’s got 6 of them) of the K-Mix and route the mixer inputs to the channels of the tape machine as I see fit.
Though I have to admit that I only rarely do so.


Can only record (sample) small chunks but… Octatrack?

i see some room for an ipad app…

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KORG D888 - cheap, easy to use, EQ, some basic efx.

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I’ve been testing GarageBand and… it works really well and is free! It’ll do until I get a tape setup anyway.

Cheers for all the ideas. I’ll keep exploring them.
Octatrack especially excites me, even though it’ll be terrible for what I need :slight_smile:


Make sure you really look closely at it. It can be a wonderful machine and also one to totally drive you crazy.


probably too expensive if you were only getting it for this purpose, but the er-301 has a 6-track recorder mode -'s_Getting_Started_Videos#Using_the_6_Track_Recorder_and_various_Units


i have the an old boss micro-br. it is only 4 tracks, but with 8 virtual tracks per track, and bounce-downs you can get a lot of layers tracked pretty easily. my only real gripe is headphone output is quite low.
there is an updated version - the br-80, which is 8 tracks. haven’t used it.


The ER-301 is always popping up so… along with the Tip-top power unit it’ll be my first Eurorack module. This music lark is getting expensive!

I came for the Grid to use with Max, and left with a Grid, a norns, an OP-1, Skulpt, Keystep, Drumbrute, Dude mixer, and now an ER-301.


fyi - unless it’s changed since i had mine, the er-301’s 6-track recorder is limited to recording tracks all at once. you cannot go back and layer tracks or move around the timeline of previous recordings like a daw.

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I’ve been using my Zoom H4N to record live 2-track mixes as I work, and just purchased a used Zoom R16 from craigslist here to do the same but with direct outs per channel (8). Very excited at the prospect for battery powered multitrack recording as well. I know not everyone loves the zoom pre’s (the R16 uses the same as the H4N), but I find them totally serviceable if a little bright.

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My laptop crashed and burned yesterday morning, and in its absence I find myself making sounds in absense of a screen and feeling liberated. I still want to record music, and remembered in high school using a tascam 4-track digital recorder for my friends band.
I think I like the restrictions of a 6- or 8-track unit where I could track without a screen and then mix on a DAW.
Anyone have experience with these? Mostly looking for preferred features, "stay away from"s, etc. Thanks!

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I was thinking about trying the 1010 Bluebox myself.

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Anybody using Tascam Model mixers? I’m eyeballing the Model 12 as it seems like a nice blend between an analog-style mixer and digital recorder.

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They look good but are a bit lite on outputs, if that’s something you need from a mixer. The Bluebox is looking hard to beat at this point. And the Sound Devices Mix-Pre’s with musicians plugin look to be a nice alternative also.

I recently bought the Model 12 and I’m loving it. Compact, standalone multitrack recording, multitrack audio and MIDI interface for my Mac and iPad Pro, in DAW control mode it becomes seamless with Ableton Live :heart:

The headphone monitoring is weird and doesn’t make sense for my workflow but can be solved with a simple external headphone amp getting its signal from the sub out.

All in all, amazing value for money IMO.


Can you elaborate on the headphone monitoring issue? I almost bought a Bluebox a few times but was hesitant based on my experience with the Blackbox. Anyway I just ordered a Model 12 to replace my Zoom L8 but it’s not here yet so I’m curious what that issue is.

Also how are you using it with the iPad?