Mungo Modules

I feel you. Regarding the button switches, I think we have talked about this back in the day on MW, they are easily replaced. Just find someone who can safely desolder the original switches, and get nicer ones as replacement. I can support of you want to go down this route. BTW I definitely would not want John to make such a module given he never empathized with the issues it attempts to fix. :wink:


Hi all, petition for Mungo Preset Manager is live!

Please sign and share amongst your communities and with any other Mungo users you know:

Note: this site will send you an email with a button to confirm your signature before it appears in the petition. Make sure you don’t miss it if it goes to your spam or promo box!


yes i remember! can you maybe link to the replacement buttons you used (preferably from an eu store where there’s stock)? that would be really helpful!
i think john would make a great version of this module but i highly doubt that now suddenly he will see the benefits…anyway i will sign the petition.
and btw @listentoaheartbeat did you get rid of your system or why would you write

you had a really well thought through and compact system as far as i can remember, and a great sounding anyway!

While I’m in favour of a recall module and have expressed my interested directly, I don’t think a petition is the best course of action. We’ll see I guess.

I’m using this thing I got off ebay, set up as simple 16 midi programme changes using arcade buttons & connected directly to John’s midi connector.


Sadly, despite putting my efforts in petitioning it, I also feel doubtful. Especially since he still hasn’t replied to my query from the other day when he’s normally pretty prompt. I hope that at the very least it will lead to him passing on some technical details so that someone in the DIY community can design and build something.

It feels totally ridiculous to do something like this just to show that there are users in the community who would love to pay him to make something, but I can’t think of any other practical way. I hope that he receives it in the good spirit in which it is intended! There are many Mungo enthusiasts.

I’ve signed as I love mungo & the brilliant people who use these great modules.


These are the ones Macro Machines used: PIC PBS-105

You can use any momentary push buttons (SPST, normally open) that have the same footprint. Regarding the height, the ones I used (which apparently are not available any more) are 10 mm PCB to panel while the originals are 8 mm, but it worked fine with the one jack (possibly added a washer).

Haha, it was a bit random for me to write that. I am still using that system, in fact I posted about it here when I finally finished the last bits, but I am not as engaged and enthusiastic as I used to be. I certainly wouldn’t bother trying to discuss user interface design with John any more. :wink: