Music for the Galactic Tick (Disquiet Junto Project 0248)

Wow, lovely sentiments. Takes the theme this week in a lovely direction, cheers.

It’s fascinating for me how the pronunciation of words seems to change their meaning. Like how “persevering” here seems to emphasise ‘severing’ to take on a bittersweet sorta sense.

Sounds like there’s a universe in this track. I like that it’s opaque and mysterious.

Listening to this makes me feel humbled by vastness.

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Nice, tempo captures the glacial pace of space I think.

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I can relate, my kids watch a lot of Minecraft videos too.

Really like your video, it’s wild with colour and snippets of European accent. The insistent beat says something too.

There’s a lot of life in your universe. My ears have been enjoy the wide spatial stimulation.

Lovely sounds and such variety. Feel like I’ve been places and seen things.

Beaut piece, feels like a soundtrack. Very rich harmonically and in texture.

really nice textured noise that swells and envelopes. enjoyed that a lot!

A modular piece. Rene, Tides, Clouds, Warps, Peaks, Shelves, Maths, Dixie II+ in no particular order.


Disquiet Junto Project 0248: Galactic Tick

Typically I have about 3-4 hours on a Friday morning to work on a Disquiet project. The response to this weeks project has a slightly longer genesis in that it started some weeks ago as a response to Project 0246: Double, Quadruple, Sextuple, which, due to work constraints, I wasn’t able to finish in time.

The original piece started with a short sample, which was then time stretched to create new samples at 2, 3, 4, 6 and 8 times the original length. These were then layered and manipulated until I had what I thought was a pleasing result. And then I had to stop.

For me the two projects have similarities in that they both deal with periodicity and division. I used a short sample from a scene from the TV series Versailles, a transition between a scene of a performance of 18th century dance music and someone walking down a corridor, loud footsteps with incidental music. The connection with Versailles? Louis XV was a keen student of Astronomy and the Passemant Astronomical Clock is located at Versailles.

For this weeks project, I revisited the abandoned piece, reworking the durations of the derivative samples. I started by going back to the original sample, cutting it down to 1.74 seconds and then creating new versions multiplied by 1.74 seconds (3.03s, 5.27s, 9.12s). These were layered and manipulated per the original project with some added bass, rhythm and hidden melody.

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Cheers and thank you! :smile:

Thank you! Many things collide and make noise in my universe :wink:

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This is the result of a Pure Data patch I put together. I’ll try to give more details later.



“633.7, which is the number of days between celebrations of the here on Earth”

Is there a reason for walking on gravel and bumping the fence? Is it a cosmic metaphor for the field of stars and boundary of orbit? Is it just the natural way to spend a public holiday?

Junto meets exquisite corpse style collab - Breakdown: Built out from a field recording chunk - added a 6(G/Gmaj7): 3(Em): 3(Em): 7(Cmaj7) beat thing with some holiday cheer. (Perhaps the chords got screwed up keying in guitar licks onto the MIDI roll…) Then the 6:3:3:7 for the calendar, melted into a slow sliding bassline, orbiting the black hole at galactic centre. Sliced it up a bit and a glued a few small bits together for a playful short mix, a bit mid/high heavy - towards the sky! Early mix was longer - 90 sec is enough for a Junto…


Superb wordless story.

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thanks jason, i agree… someone thought it was light and bright though!

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Taking my cues from Marc’s original post, I used the numeric values in the article link about Galactic Tick day.

Each number in the article appeared close to being a meaningful Hz number.
225 million light years - 220Hz
1/129,600,000 of seconds - 1129Hz
633.7 days - 634Hz
1.74 years - 174Hz

Set four instances of the super-useful MOscillator VSTi to those Hz settings, you get a nice microtonal chord…

I started the track with each MOscillator set to the average of the four frequencies - average of 225, 634, 1129, 174 = 540Hz
Then automated each MOscillator from it’s starting 540Hz to its Hz value (174, 225, 634, 1129).
Added movement using Rhythmic Gates (A1TriggerGate free vst - great plugin), and Delays and Distortions on Sends.
Went for a nice heavy beat here, at a good foot-tapping BPM (132).

Maybe the Galactic Tick after-party would use this track… :slight_smile:

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read one comment about this Junto, i absolute agree with it.
so this is the track,you can get it here.


More on this 248th weekly Disquiet Junto project — “Celebrate the new celestial holiday in music” — at:

More on the Disquiet Junto at:

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This year’s Galactic Tick Day happened to be very near to both Rosh Hashanah and my wedding anniversary. All three are occasions for reflection and observation regarding time. Rosh Hashanah is also associated with horns and/or trumpets, so I created a piece using trumpet samples for this project. The samples themselves come from a recording I made of myself playing a trumpet sometime around when I met my wife in 2011. I manipulated the recordings to include both repetitive, rhythmic elements and ambient, reverb-laden drones as both modes are useful in reminding us of time passing.

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